Are 2B pencils the same as number 2?

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A No. 2 Pencil in the US is the same as a HB pencil in the rest of the world. 2B is darker, which would make erasing wrong answers difficult. So as long as you have a No.

What can you bring to the AP physics exam?

Your College Board SSD Accommodations Letter if you are taking an exam with approved testing accommodations. A watch that does not have internet access, does not beep or make noise, and does not have an alarm. A ruler or straightedge only if you are taking an AP Physics Exam. Protractors are not allowed.

What do you need to bring to your AP exam?

  1. Two No. 2 pencils with erasers.
  2. Two black or dark blue ink pens. These will be used for any free-response questions you must answer.
  3. A watch.
  4. Government- or school-issued ID.
  5. College Board SSD Student Accommodation Letter.
  6. A lunch.

Do you need a number 2 pencil for AP exams?

What Do I Need to Bring to My AP Exams? #2 Pencils and black or dark blue colored pens. For every exam, you’ll need at least one of these writing utensils.

Is the AP Physics 2 exam hard?

In 2016, the AP Physics 2 exam remained a difficult one to master, although Physics 1 had the lowest pass rate of any AP exam. 61.3% of students taking the AP Physics 2 exam passed (by receiving a score of three or above), but only 9.5% received the highest score of five.

Can I chew gum during AP exam?

You can then chew the same flavor of gum during the test and your brain will relate the material you studied to that flavor of gum, therefore bringing the material to the forefront of your mind during the test.

Can you bring a backpack to AP exam?

Students are required to have a CURRENT Government Issued Photo ID to enter the exam room. No backpacks or bags are allowed in the testing room. No food or drink is allowed in the testing room. Only approved calculator models are allowed in the exam room for exams where calculators are permitted.

Can you bring a snack to an AP test?

You are not permitted to bring food or drink, including bottled water, into the exam room (unless approved as an accommodation by College Board’s Services for Students with Disabilities office).

Can I bring an eraser to AP exam?

I prefer “dustless” erasers, but it’s up to you. Make sure you have a pen with blue or black ink. This is to fill out forms and certain areas of your exam booklet. A watch may be helpful, especially in pacing yourself on the exam.

Can you go to the bathroom during AP exams?

You may use the restroom during the Exam, but you will be escorted by a proctor to the restroom. Your Exam time does not stop. Students may NOT leave the exam area when 5 minutes remain on the exam clock.

Why are only number 2 pencils allowed?

The ratio of the two determines the hardness of the pencil’s “lead,” and the number identifies that hardness. The higher the number on a pencil, the harder the pencil. According to, early machines that scanned and recorded test scores couldn’t properly detect marks made by hard pencils.

What should I do the day before an AP exam?

  • Tip 1. Don’t Plan for a Big Night Out.
  • Tip 2. Don’t Cram.
  • Tip 3. Do Review the Material a Bit.
  • Tip 4. Do Get a Full Night’s Rest.
  • Tip 5. Do Have Your Stuff Ready.
  • Tip 6. Do Plan to Eat a Healthy Breakfast.
  • Tip 7. Do Wear Comfortable Clothes.
  • Tip 8. Do Rest Your Writing Hand.

Is AP Physics 2 worth taking?

If you’re a high school student planning your AP courses, you might be considering AP Physics 2 — especially if you’re interested in STEM. For students who want to learn about the intersection of math and science, AP Physics 2 can be a fascinating class to take and potentially earn college credit.

What do you wear to an AP exam?

Whether you’re taking the test in the spring or fall, stick with simple, no-frills choice. If it’s cool outside, go with sweatpants, a hoodie, and sneakers. If it’s warmer, a loose pair of shorts and a soft tee shirt are the way to go.

Why can’t you use mechanical pencils on AP tests?

Therefore: You cannot use a mechanical pencil because it used to cause problems with the scanning of answers and the testing companies can’t be bothered to change the rule, along with the fact that it makes their tests seem more reliable as they are seen to be taking action to prevent cheating.

Do you have to use pen on AP Exams?

A No. 2 pencil may be required for the multiple choice section of the test, while a pen with black or dark blue ink may be needed any free-response questions.

What should I do the night before an AP Exam?

Relax the night before the exam. Read a good book, take a hot shower, watch something you’ll enjoy. Get a good night’s sleep. Go to bed early and leave yourself extra time in the morning.

What if I have 2 AP tests on the same day?

What if I have two exams scheduled on the same day (but not the same time)? You will take the exams back to back (one in the morning and one in the afternoon).

Can I bring a clock to AP test?

Students should bring the following items to the exam room: A watch that does not have Internet access, beep, or have an alarm (in case your exam room does not have a clock that you can see easily).

Can you bring extra batteries to an AP exam?

Also bring extra batteries for your calculator. Bring two sharpened #2 pencils and two black or dark blue pens to all exams. No mechanical pencils are allowed.

What happens if you are sick on the day of an AP exam?

Make up exams will be available for students who are sick or experience technical problems on test day. What happens if I am unable or do not want to take my AP exam? Students who cannot take their AP exam will not be charged for unused exams. The $5 registration fee is not refundable.

Can I bring my phone to AP exam?

DO NOT BRING: Cell phones, Smart Watches, iPads, iPods, MP3 players, other electronic devices, or scratch paper to your AP test(s). College Board prohibits bringing cell phones or ANY electronic devices into the testing room, having them on your person, or using them during the break.

Can I bring a pencil sharpener to an AP exam?

Mechanical pencils are not allowed on the AP exams, so Carly will want to bring non-mechanical, number 2 pencils only. And if she decides to bring a pencil sharpener with her, she’ll want to make sure that it is a manual one, not battery-powered or plug-in.

Can you use a lead pencil on the AP exam?

Books, compasses, correction fluid, dictionaries, highlighters, or notes. Mechanical pencils, No. 3 pencils, or colored pencils. Rulers or straightedges (these are allowed only for AP Physics Exams).

Can I use a number 2 mechanical pencil on AP exam?

You may not miss classes to prepare for AP tests. BRING: Photo I.D., sharpened #2 pencils (mechanical pencils are not allowed), blue/black pens and, if appropriate, an approved calculator with fresh batteries.

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