What are the three magnetic materials?

There are three elemental metals that are magnetic: Iron. Cobalt. Nickel. What is the magnetic field formula? B = μ 0 I 2 π r In the equation, µ0 is a special constant known as the permeability of free space(µ0=4π×10-7 T⋅ m/A). Materials with higher permeability possess the ability to concentrate on magnetic fields. The … Read more

Are significant figures important in measurement?

Significant figures (also called significant digits) are an important part of scientific and mathematical calculations, and deals with the accuracy and precision of numbers. It is important to estimate uncertainty in the final result, and this is where significant figures become very important. Do significant figures matter on the AP physics exam? In general, two … Read more

Where is ke the maximum on a roller coaster?

Kinetic energy is greatest at the lowest point of a roller coaster and least at the highest point. Does the roller coaster ever get higher than the first hill explain? The total energy never goes up, only down, due to frictional losses, and so the maximum hill the cars can climb gets smaller and smaller. … Read more

Who is the greatest physicist of the 21st century?

Professor Thorne Kip: credit: caltechy. Prof. Michio Kaku: credit: conscious life news. Andre Geim Konstantin: image credit. Stephen Hawking: credit: business insider. Brian Greene: credit: festival of the arts. Who is the No 1 physicist in the world? Albert Einstein Three great theories define our physical knowledge of the universe: relativity, quantum mechanics and gravitation. … Read more

Is momentum conserved when a bullet hits a block?

We can apply conservation of momentum during the collision (bullet to block). The momentum before the bullet hits must be equal to the momentum after the bullet hits. When a bullet hits a wooden block what is the problem? According to the law of conservation of linear momentum the momentum of the bullet and the … Read more

Is Physics c e& m hard?

AP Physics C – E/M is rated as very hard to self-study relative to other AP classes, and AP Physics C – Mechanics is rated as quite hard to self-study. A survey of AP alumnae asked for a rating out of 10 for how easy each class is to self study, with 1 = easiest … Read more

How do you program a TI-84 Plus Silver Edition?

This is the first of three ‘Skill Builders’ in Unit 1. Turn on your TI-84 Plus CE and press the [PRGM] key. Name your program. Selecting a programming command from the Program Menu. Press the [PRGM] key. Type a greeting in double quotation marks. Your program is complete! How do you put formulas in a … Read more

What is the difference between precision and significant figures?

Precision refers to how closely individual measurements agree with each other. In any measurement, the number of significant figures is critical. The number of significant figures is the number of digits believed to be correct by the person doing the measuring. Does AP Physics 1 have labs? AP Physics 1 and 2 Lab Manual Includes … Read more

How do you solve rotational inertia?

Rotational inertia is a scalar, not a vector and is dependent upon the radius of rotation according to the formula rotational inertia = mass x radius^2. Rotational inertia, rotational inertia is the measure of an object’s resistance to change in its rotation. What is an example of rotational inertia? The rotational inertia of an object … Read more

How do you calculate electric field and electric potential?

If the electric potential is known at every point in a region of space, the electric field can be derived from the potential. In vector calculus notation, the electric field is given by the negative of the gradient of the electric potential, E = −grad V. How do you calculate electric potential? q — Electrostatic … Read more

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