How good is arXiv?

However, the arXiv is not peer reviewed in the formal sense. It is moderated, so that junk submissions can be removed, or manuscripts recategorised, but it lacks the additional layer of quality control of traditional peer review.

Where can I find physics papers?

  • Scopus.
  • Web of Science.
  • Google Scholar.
  • arXiv.
  • JSTOR.
  • ProQuest.
  • EBSCOhost.

What is the physics database?

Created by Paul Ginsparg at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, New Mexico and launched in 1991, (formerly is a fully automated electronic archive and distribution server for research papers.

What is arXiv paper?

arXiv is a free distribution service and an open-access archive for 2,131,589 scholarly articles in the fields of physics, mathematics, computer science, quantitative biology, quantitative finance, statistics, electrical engineering and systems science, and economics.

How can I download research papers for free?

  1. Library Genesis.
  2. SciHub.
  3. Dimensions.
  4. CSULB California State University.
  5. PDF Drive.
  6. Project Gutenberg.
  7. Unpaywall Plug in.
  8. Researcher Research Paper App.

What is meant by preprint?

“Preprints” are preliminary versions of scientific manuscripts that researchers share by posting to online platforms known as preprint servers before peer-review and publication in an academic journal. Preprint servers are publicly available online archives that host preprints and their associated data.

Do arXiv papers count as publications?

arXiv is not a journal; therefore articles on arXiv cannot be regarded as publications per se. Typically, papers deposited on this repository are pre-publication versions and authors can add a DOI to their pre-print version on arXiv after it has been published.

Is arXiv owned by Cornell?

arXiv was founded by Paul Ginsparg in 1991 and is now maintained and operated by Cornell Tech.

Does publishing on arXiv count?

No, it’s not considered a published paper in the usual sense of peer-reviewed publications.

Can I put my thesis on arXiv?

You can certainly do this (and some people do), but I’d recommend against posting the thesis. In my experience, it’s relatively uncommon to post a thesis to the arXiv.

Should I put my paper on arXiv?

If you add your paper to arXiv, you definitely have the proof that you have the original ideas even though someone may send you on a major revision round to gain time to work. In such a case, it is the reviewers that may be a problem.

Does arXiv give DOI?

Update: As of Feb 2022, all arXiv articles now have DOIs. New articles submitted to arXiv are now automatically assigned DOIs that align with their arXiv ID. This makes research articles more discoverable across search engines because associated metadata is made available to the community in a reusable format.

Is Sci-Hub illegal?

Sci-Hub (SciHub) is a searchable database of articles and papers that have been made illegally available. Content that is available through this platform is infringing the copyright of many scholarly publishers.

Where can I find full research papers?

  • CORE.
  • ScienceOpen.
  • Directory of Open Access Journals.
  • Education Resources Information Center.
  • arXiv e-Print Archive.
  • Social Science Research Network.
  • Public Library of Science.
  • OpenDOAR.

What is wrong with Sci-Hub?

“They compromise the security of libraries and higher-education institutions, to gain unauthorized access to scientific databases and other proprietary intellectual property, and illegally harvest journal articles and e-books.” The publishers also allege that Sci-Hub uses stolen user credentials and phishing attacks to …

How do you tell if a study is a preprint?

A preprint is a full draft research paper that is shared publicly before it has been peer reviewed. Most preprints are given a digital object identifier (DOI) so they can be cited in other research papers. A preprint is a full draft of a research paper that is shared publicly before it has been peer reviewed.

Is preprint accepted?

Submission of preprints is accepted by all open access journals. Over the last decade, they have been joined by most subscription journals, however publisher policies are often vague or ill-defined.

Does preprints count as publication?

No, preprints are not peer-reviewed publications.

Can anyone submit a paper to arXiv?

Submissions to arXiv should be topical and refereeable scientific contributions that follow accepted standards of scholarly communication. We only accept submissions from registered authors. If you are a new user or are submitting to a new category, you may be required to find endorsements.

What is the impact factor of arXiv?

1 Answer. Show activity on this post. arXiv does not have an impact factor because it is not indexed by Clarivate Analytics (for good reason, since not everything on arXiv is sensible).

Is arXiv copyrighted?

Note: All e-prints submitted to arXiv are subject to copyright protections. arXiv is not the copyright holder on any of the e-prints in our corpus. In some cases, submitters have provided permission in advance by submitting their e-print under a permissive Creative Commons license.

How do I claim my paper on arXiv?

To “claim ownership”, log on to arXiv, go to the “My account” page, scroll to the bottom, select “claim ownership with a password”, and then enter the paper id (such as 1003.7643) and password (such as jvq87) from the confirmation email.

What is arXiv Cornell?

arXiv, stewarded by Cornell Tech, is a free resource for scholars around the world in fields including physics, math and computer science, who use the service to share their own cutting-edge research and read work submitted by others.

Is the arXiv down? is UP and reachable by us.

Who is more important first author or corresponding author?

The first author is usually the person who made the most significant intellectual contribution to the work. That includes designing the study, acquiring and analyzing data from experiments and writing the actual manuscript.

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