How long do StraighterLine courses take?

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How long does an online course take to complete at StraighterLine? On average, it takes a student 4-6 weeks to complete one of our online college courses.

Are StraighterLine classes hard?

Are StraighterLine Courses Difficult? Because StraighterLine courses are self-paced and students are typically supplied with course materials, they are not challenging. Straighterline also offers one-on-one coaching to assist students in comprehending course content.

What is physics 111 all about?

4-2-4. Credit Hours: 4. Introduction to mechanics, heat and sound. This is an algebra-trigonometry based course suitable for college-transfer students in pharmacy, pre-dental and pre-medical programs who do not need a calculus-based physics course.

Can I take college physics online?

Taking StraighterLine’s online Physics course is a low-cost way to fulfill one of the most popular science requirements and receive the physics help you need. Most students can complete this online Physics class within 4-6 weeks but many are able to finish it in less than 30 days.

What happens if you fail a StraighterLine test?

Course Retake Policy If upon completion of a course a student has not achieved a satisfactory score (70% by default as per ACE), a student may retake their course by repurchasing and reattempting it in full. Students will wait a minimum of three (3) business days between attempts.

How do you beat the final of StraighterLine?

* All grades above a 69.5% are considered passing. At the end of each course, students will receive the number of points earned. The grade you see in your course is calculated by dividing the total amount of points you have achieved by the total amount of points available in the course (typically 1,000).

Are StraighterLine exams timed?

Timed: All graded assessments are timed. Upon opening the assessment the first time, the timer will initialize. You should not close the exam window while your exam is running (unless you’re finished and want to submit it). If time expires, graded tests will submit automatically.

Which is better study com or StraighterLine?

StraighterLine Costs Less Than Plus, the more courses you take with us, the less you pay. StraighterLine courses start at $59 a month with our $99 monthly membership. If you are able to finish in less than a month, your total cost is $158 — more than 20% less than what you would pay at

Are StraighterLine exams multiple choice?

Those three exam types are multiple choice format, open book, and instantly graded by computer. The course point distribution allows you to accumulate enough points to pass the course before taking the final.

Does StraighterLine boost GPA?

In fact, you can retake a StraighterLine course as many times as needed — and it won’t affect your GPA at your school.”

Can you fail StraighterLine final exam?

No, you have to finish all exams, midterm, finals (and if you have courses that have assignments that are marked, you have to complete them). Your final grade after doing all of those has to equal 69.6% or higher (as they do rounding up), but yes, 70% or higher is when you get credit.

How many questions is StraighterLine statistics final?

The final exam consists of 60 questions worth 500 points.

Are StraighterLine quizzes open book?

Textbook/eTextbook use is permitted for open book exams only. If your final proctored exam is open book, the proctor will allow you to navigate to the eTextbook in your web browser as needed during the proctoring session.

What percentage is a fail in college?

The final categories are “Fail 1” or “Fail 2” which numerically range from 30-39 per cent and 20-29 per cent respectively.

How is StraighterLine proctored?

StraighterLine requires proctoring on all final exams and uses an online proctoring service called ProctorU. ProctorU connects your computer and webcam to their website while the exam is being proctored. Proctoring sessions are taken in the comfort of the student’s home (or preferred location) and require a webcam.

Is StraighterLine college accredited?

StraighterLine’s network are regionally accredited colleges. All StraighterLine courses have also received ACE CREDIT recommendations to earn college credit.

Does StraighterLine offer tutoring?

Online Tutoring Every StraighterLine membership includes 10 hours of tutoring at no additional cost. It’s a great resource should you ever find yourself needing a little extra help with course materials.

What is a proctored final exam?

Proctored exams are timed exams that you take while proctoring software monitors your computer’s desktop, webcam video and audio. The data recorded by the proctoring software is transferred to a proctoring service for review. Proctored exams may or may not be required for your course and enrollment track.

How long do StraighterLine courses take Reddit?

You’re not alone! On average, our courses take 33 days to complete, though many students are able to finish in less than a month. Summer is one of our busiest times here at StraighterLine, so we’re sharing five quick tips to help you reach your goals on schedule and with a transcript in hand.

Does study com affect GPA?

This score will determine if you earn credit, as there is a minimum “pass” score for all courses. Your course grade will transfer to your university, however, just like a CLEP exam—as a “pass” or “credit”—and will not affect your GPA.

Is study com worth the money?

Is legit? Yes, is a legit learning platform, which can help you not only to study, but also receive low-cost college credit. This credit, later on, can be transferred to your school to save on tuition fees and graduate faster.

How does study proctored exams work?

The College Accelerator Edition includes two proctored exams per 30 days. Your 2 available exams reset on your billing date. Additional exams are available to purchase for $70 per exam. Passing two exams is equivalent to earning 6 transferable college credits.

Is Sophia proctored? is an alternate credit provider with mainly general education credits. Unlike other credit providers, the tests/exams (called milestones) are not proctored with a webcam. Instead, they use your typing pattern to verify who you are.

Can you retake StraighterLine quizzes?

With the exception of the first exam in your course, you cannot retake quizzes and exams or change your answers once you’ve submitted the entire graded exam.

Is Sophia cheaper than StraighterLine?

Next is which offers unlimited courses for a price of $79 per month. offers unlimited courses for $99 per month. StraighterLine is the more expensive of these four providers since it charges at fixed price of $59 per course in addition to a monthly membership fee of $99.

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