Is CBSE enough for JEE?

The syllabus of JEE Main and 11th and 12th standard of CBSE is quite similar and since NCERT books are used by CBSE, the students feel these books are the best reference material.

Is Class 12 Physics difficult?

Physics is considered a difficult subject, especially for NEET aspirants. This does not imply that students can’t score well.

How many books are there in class 12th physics?

NCERT offers two books for CBSE Class 12 Physics, i.e., Physics Part I and Part II. CBSE asks questions in the board exam from both parts of the Class 12 Physics NCERT book.

Is physics Ncert good for boards?

It helps students score good marks in their CBSE Class 10, 12 Board exams. Thus studying from NCERT is good for CBSE board students.

Is Ncert Physics good book?

Benefits of NCERT Solutions for Physics NCERT science books for class 11 and class 12 provide students with a detailed yet easy understanding of complex topics, making them a great book to start with for JEE Main 2022 preparation.

Can we complete 12th physics in 1month?

If you are talking about completing the whole physics portion in a month of class 12th then you have to dedicate minimum 5 hours with some breaks in between. Taking breaks doesn’t mean that you waste too much of time. You need to practice derivations and solve sums regularly.

How do you get to 90 in physics?

  1. #1. Have a proper study plan; know the marks weightage distribution.
  2. #2. Be thorough with NCERT Physics books to score high.
  3. #3. Here are some topics students should focus more on.
  4. #4: Taking mock tests regularly is important.
  5. #5.

Is CBSE syllabus same as NCERT?

Despite multiple differences, NCERT and CBSE are related to each other. NCERT complies with around 90% of the books proposed by the Central Board of Education (CBSE). The board question papers for Classes 10 and 12 contain the majority of questions from the NCERT textbooks.

Is NCERT Physics enough for NEET?

The Physics section of NEET 2023 is the toughest section of all as stated by experts as well as toppers, it requires more conceptual knowledge. Physics is all about the numerical and based on concepts, therefore NCERT Physics books won’t be enough for NEET preparations.

Is HC Verma good for boards?

you should study NCERT boks line by line. then you can get more benifit from NCERT books. questions in HC VERMA are for the comptitive xeams. generally those types of question is not asked inn board exam.So H C VERMA will help you to clear the concept but it will not help in terms of getting more marks in board exam.

Can I pass in 12th exam just by reading NCERT solutions?

Students must study NCERT textbooks and understand all topics and concepts thoroughly. It is fair to say that NCERT solutions are enough to clear Class 12 exams, but they follow a pattern.

Is NCERT enough to score full in boards?

The students do not have to hunt elsewhere as they can find all the topics based on the latest syllabus in a single textbook. NCERT textbooks are not just sufficient board exams but also for competitive exams like JEE Mains and others.

Is 12th NCERT enough for JEE?

Experts say that studying NCERT is sufficient to pass JEE Main. Students choose to prepare for the JEE Main entrance test using the official curriculum and NCERT books, which cover practically all topics. JEE Main and CBSE’s Class 11th and 12th boards have nearly identical syllabuses.

Can I clear JEE with NCERT?

Relevance in JEE exams You can do extremely well in JEE Mains by studying NCERT books for Physics and Chemistry, although you would still require a little bit of help from other sources. However, you would have to rely completely on other study materials for Mathematics.

How can I get 95 marks in 12th?

  1. Compete with yourself:
  2. Make textbooks your bible:
  3. Solve sample papers religiously:
  4. Keep a check on your handwriting:
  5. Don’t neglect English:
  6. Stop studying 12 hours before the exam:

Is 12th easier than 11th?

Hi 11th standard is comparatively tougher than 12th. so before starting 11th class go through the basics and formulas related to 11th class and try to solve questions of math, physics, chemistry from NCERT book.

How many hours should a Class 12 student study?

However, an ideal number of hours that you should dedicate to your studies is 7-8 hours daily. Studying every day for 7-8 hours will be more than enough.

How can I study for physics in one night?

  1. Make a list of important terms, concepts, and ideas.
  2. Look for summaries in the textbook.
  3. Make more notes as you go.
  4. Make use of mind maps, charts, and graphs.
  5. Teach a friend.
  6. Review your important terms lists.
  7. Study out of order.
  8. Take practice tests.

Which is the hardest chapter in class 12 physics?

Magnetism and Moving Charges – There are so many formulas and derivations, it becomes tough to remember them. Wave Optics. Atoms and Nuclei.

Is Term 2 physics easy?

As per the reactions received from the students, the Physics Class 12th Term-II paper was easy. There was nothing out of the syllabus. Many questions were straight from NCERT Books.

Which is the toughest syllabus in India?

Ans: ICSE Syllabus is considered more difficult than CBSE as the ICSE syllabus has more internal assessments and concepts that are asked during practical exams. ICSE Board courses are detailed and well-researched.

Which board is best for future?

For those who want to find CBSE or ICSE which is better for the future and which is easier, the common answer is CBSE. It is easier in comparison to ICSE as it has a compact structure and fewer subjects. In India, most of the public and private schools and colleges follow the CBSE board.

Which board is best in India?

CBSE is the preferred certification across India. CBSE Schools are more in number and can help your child get admissions on a similar board without any hassles. The innumerable schools affiliated with the CBSE board indeed gives an upper hand to CBSE in the ICSE vs. CBSE discussions.

Can I score 600 in NEET by studying only NCERT?

Physics, Chemistry, Biology be it any subject of NEET, NCERT sources are not enough to crack NEET with a good score.

Can I skip NCERT for NEET?

NCERT books are must read for NEET preparation as NEET syllabus is based on the NCERT syllabus of class 11 and 12 (followed by majority of school boards).

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