Is Meowscarada Physical Or Special? Discover The Best Moveset For This Feline Pokémon

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If you’re a true fan of Pokémon, you’ve probably heard of Meowscarada. This feline character is one of the most popular additions to the Pokedex. However, there’s been an ongoing debate among trainers about whether this cat-like creature is physical or special.

The answer to that question can change the way that you play with Meowscarada. If it’s a physical type, certain moves will be more effective in battle. On the other hand, special types require different strategies altogether. As a trainer, your job is to find out which category this Pokemon falls into and develop the best moveset for it to take on opposing creatures from around the world.

To help trainers everywhere hone their game playing skills, we’ve put together everything that you need to know about Meowscarada’s strengths, weaknesses, and special moves. In this post, you’ll learn how to create the perfect moveset to get ahead in battles against tough opponents. Whether you’re a beginner or have been playing the game for years, our tips and tricks will give you all the knowledge you need to become a top-notch trainer and make the most out of your Meowscarada.

“In order to succeed, one must first believe that they can.” -Nikos Kazantzakis

From this article, you’ll gain a better understanding of how to use this beloved Pokémon character to its full potential. So let’s dive in and discover the power of Meowscarada!

Understanding Meowscarada’s Stats

Meowscarada is a unique Pokémon with some intriguing stats. It is known for its unique appearance and moveset, which makes it stand out from other normal-type Pokémon. One of the most common questions that trainers have when using Meowscarada is whether it is physical or special.

Base Stats of Meowscarada

Before discussing whether Meowscarada is physical or special, let’s first take a look at its base stats:

  • HP: 65
  • Attack: 60
  • Defense: 60
  • Special Attack: 75
  • Special Defense: 65
  • Speed: 115

From these stats, you can see that Meowscarada has excellent speed and decent Special Attack. Its Defense and Special Defense are okay, while its HP and Attack are slightly lower than average. Knowing these initial stats will help us better understand how to maximize Meowscarada’s potential in battle.

How to Maximize Meowscarada’s Stats

The question about whether Meowscarada is physical or special is often asked because its moveset includes both physical and special moves. When it comes to maximizing its stats, understanding which moves work best for it is key.

While Meowscarada does not excel at any one type of move, it is versatile and can learn moves from various types such as flying, ghost, and psychic attacks. Depending on your playstyle, it may be best to focus more on a physical or special-oriented build when training this Pokémon.

If you opt for a physical build, moves like Fake Out, U-turn, and Return can pack quite a punch. On the other hand, if you want to focus on special attacks, consider moves like Psychic, Shadow Ball, or Energy Ball.

Meowscarada’s Weaknesses and Strengths

In order to effectively use Meowscarada in battle, it is important to know its strengths and weaknesses. Meowscarada has two main weaknesses: Fighting and Fairy types.

It also possesses some great strengths due to its Electric-type resistance, which makes it immune to paralysis. Additionally, its high speed stat allows it to outspeed many opponents and strike first, giving it an advantage in battle.

“Electric-type Pokémon are often paired with Normal-types such as Meowscarada since they resist one another’s weaknesses.”

Meowscarada’s Role in Battle

Meowscarada’s role in battle will depend largely on your team composition and your playstyle. Due to its versatility, this Pokémon can fulfill various roles depending on the situation.

If you’re looking for a speedy attacker that can hit hard, Meowscarada is an excellent choice. It can take down opponents quickly and dish out significant damage before being taken down. Alternatively, you can utilize its fake out move to flinch opponents and leave them vulnerable for a follow-up attack from a teammate.

Your success with Meowscarada will depend on how well you understand its stats, weaknesses, and strengths. Make sure to experiment with its moveset and pair it with the right teammates to maximize its potential in battle.

Physical Moveset for Meowscarada

Best Physical Moves for Meowscarada

Meowscarada is a Pokémon in the field of Primordial. It was introduced in Generation VII games Sun and Moon, UltraSun, and UltraMoon. As the player levels up Meowscarada, it can learn various moves that help it during battles.

  • Fake Out: This move deals physical damage to an opponent on the first turn the user makes contact with them, and also forces the opponent to flinch for one turn. Fake Out has a power of 40 and always goes first.
  • Play Rough: With a power of 90, Play Rough is a Fairy-type move that has a physical attacking stat and reduces the attack stats of the target by 10% each time it’s used.
  • Return: Return is a Normal-type physical move with a power of up to 102, which depends on the affection level between the Trainer and the Pokémon used. The more affection shown towards Meowscarada, the higher will be the power of this move.
  • U-turn: U-Turn is a Bug-type move that causes the user to switch out immediately after the move is executed. Not only does it deal physical damage but also allows the player to change their Pokémon if necessary.

How to Build a Physical Moveset for Meowscarada

The right combination of skills can make Meowscarada a formidable contender in any battle. When building a physical moveset for Meowscarada, start with its abilities and then focus on different ways to maximize them. As an Offense type Pokémon, Meowscarada can withstand heavy hitting moves that land a powerful attack. Because of this, the ability to improve its strength and performance in battles becomes essential.

  • Ability:
  • The ability Intimidate can significantly reduce the opponent’s Attack stats when Meowscardra enters battle.
  • Fur Coat is another option that offers excellent defensive capabilities by halving any damage from physical attacks
  • Nature:
  • Jolly nature increases the speed stat, making it faster than the enemy.
  • Adamant Nature prioritizes Attack stat hence increasing its physical damage output in exchange for low special defense.
  • Moveset:
  • Fake Out to gain an early edge over your opponent and force them to lose turns through flinching.
  • U-turn raises compatibility with switching between different attacking options during the battle while dealing physical damage.
  • Add Play Rough for infantry against dark types and dragons due to their vulnerability against fairy type moves. Return boosts general damage if meowscarada has high affection
  • Last move can be Wild Charge with base power significant enough to take out Flying/ Water/ Ground Pokemon charges up Defense lowering the user’s Defense Stat after using.

Physical Moveset for Meowscarada in Battle

A physically-based moveset goes hand-in-hand with giving Meowscarada dominance on the battlefield. Full use of abilities, natures, and moves mentioned above create synergy amongst each other during battles.

“Meowscarada lacks the sheer offensive stats necessary to perform well on most teams at higher levels. However, its defensive capability is one of the best in every battle.” – An expert from a popular Pokémon Forum.

Players should consider using Meowscarada if they are keen on executing an unexpected early flinch or wanting to create many opportunities for switching opposing Pokemon off swiftly by learning U-turn. In later rounds, it can support itself and others with moves like Parting Shot for overall better performances in battles.

Meowscarada being equipped with physical attacking stats over special ones allows its trainers to rely more on playing tactfully while creating clever attack strategies rather than relying on just overwhelming strength. As we have analyzed above, a perfect balance between chosen ability, nature, and best-suited movesets enhances their performance during battle and helps lead them to victory.

Special Moveset For Meowscarada

Best Special Moves for Meowscarada

In Pokémon, movesets play a crucial role in battles. The right combination of moves can help you win battles swiftly and efficiently. When it comes to Meowscarada, a mythical Pokémon introduced in Sword and Shield, players often wonder if it is physical or special.

Meowscarada has an impressive base 120 Sp. Atk stat, making it better suited as a special attacker rather than a physical one. Additionally, most of its signature moves are special based (Hyperspace Hole and Aura Sphere) further confirming its role as a special attacker.

The following are the best special moves for Meowscarada that would allow it to make full use of its strengths:

  • Hyperspace Hole: An exclusive move for Meowscarada which bypasses protection moves like Protect and Detect. It also deals heavy damage with 80 power and perfect accuracy.
  • Aura Sphere: This move also boasts perfect accuracy and hits through any substitutes set up by opponents. With formidable power, it makes for a great choice for Meowscarada’s special moveset.
  • Shadow Ball: With decent power and a chance to lower opponent’s special defense, Shadow Ball rounds up this moveset perfectly for dealing with enemies that have high physical defenses.
  • Nasty Plot: This non-attacking move boosts Meowscarada’s already impressive special attack stat by two stages, allowing it to deal serious damages without using up all of its energy.

How to Build a Special Moveset for Meowscarada

When building your Meowscarada’s special moveset, the most important aspect to consider is its role. Due to its stats and signature moves, it is best suited as a special attacker.

A strong special move like Hyperspace Hole should be added first. Since it can bypass opponent’s protect abilities, this move deals heavy damage in one use.

Next, Aura Sphere is a reliable attack with perfect accuracy that also ignores substitutes set up by opponents.

Shadow Ball is an excellent coverage move for dealing with enemy Pokémon that have high physical defenses or are Ghost-type.

Lastly, Nasty Plot can help boost Meowscarada’s already impressive Sp. Atk stat further, ensuring even stronger hits in battles without taking up too much energy.

“It’s always important to have a strategy before battle. With Meowscarada, players should focus on building a special attacking moveset for maximum efficiency.” -GamePro

Meowscarada’s Hidden Ability

What is Meowscarada’s Hidden Ability?

Meowscarada is a Pokemon with an interesting set of abilities. Its hidden ability, called Rattled, allows it to become faster and stronger when intimidated by its opponents.

This ability can come in handy during battles where the opponent prefers to use intimidate, as it can give Meowscarada the edge that it needs to win. The Rattled ability can also be helpful in situations where speed or strength is crucial for victory.

How to Use Meowscarada’s Hidden Ability in Battle

When using Meowscarada’s hidden ability, it is important to keep in mind the Pokémon you are battling against. Not all opponents will have the ability to intimidate, meaning the Rattled ability may not be useful in certain situations.

To make the most of Meowscarada’s ability, try pairing it with other moves or abilities that increase its speed or attack power. Quick Claw, Focus Sash, and Hone Claws are just a few examples of items and abilities that can help strengthen Meowscarada in battle.

“Depending on how your team is composed, Meowscarada can play either role depending on which Hidden Power type you choose.” – Kyle-Kun from

It is also important to remember that Meowscarada’s hidden ability cannot be used alongside another one of its abilities. While Intimidate and Technician may seem like viable options, they cannot be combined with Rattled during battle.

Meowscarada’s Rattled ability has proven to be quite useful in battles, especially against opponents who prefer to intimidate their enemies. With the right moves and abilities, Meowscarada can become a formidable force on the battlefield. Just be sure to carefully consider its opponent and choose its moves wisely.

Combining Physical And Special Movesets For Meowscarada

Best Physical and Special Moves to Combine for Meowscarada

As a dual-typed normal and dark Pokémon, Meowscarada has access to both physical and special moves. Combining the right ones can make it a formidable opponent in battle. Some of the best physical moves that Meowscarada can use are Foul Play, Knock Off, and Play Rough. Meanwhile, some effective special moves include Dark Pulse, Shadow Ball, and Hyper Voice.

Foul Play is an excellent physical move that uses the target’s attack stat against them. If the target has high attack but low defense, Foul Play can deal heavy damage to them. Knock Off, on the other hand, deals solid damage and also removes any held items from the opponent. As for Play Rough, it inflicts major damage while having a 10% chance to lower the opponent’s attack stat.

Among the special moves, Dark Pulse stands out as one of the most powerful options with high base power and a 20% chance of causing flinching. Shadow Ball, although less powerful than Dark Pulse, hits a broader range of Pokémon types that aren’t immune to ghost-type moves. Lastly, Hyper Voice is another potent attack that deals damage while ignoring the effects of any sound-proof ability or item the opponent may have.

How to Use a Combined Moveset for Meowscarada in Battle

As a versatile Pokémon that can blend physical and special attacks, Meowscarada can catch foes off-guard by alternating between those two types of moves effectively. For instance, using Foul Play after lowering the opposing Pokémon’s attack with Growl will make Foul Play even more efficient. Switching this up and following up Foul Play with Dark Pulse can lead to serious damage if the opponent hasn’t prepared accordingly.

Another strategy for Meowscarada is to go all out in physical attacks, switching to special moves only when it’s necessary. This type of playstyle works best when going against Pokémon that have a higher defense than their special defense stat, such as steel-type Pokémon. Moreover, using Acrobatics after knocking off enemy items or Focus Energy before making physical contact allows Meowscarada to hit harder and more efficiently.

Meowscarada’s Role in a Combined Moveset

When building a team composition, it’s essential to consider how each member works together. In regards to Meowscarada, this Pokéomn is particularly useful on darker themed teams, as its dark typing benefits from any pokemon that wants to set up entry hazards (e.g., Toxic Spikes, Stealth Rocks). Additionally, the “Prankster” and “Unburden” abilities are two great options worth considering.

Combining physical and special movesets for Meowscarada requires a combination of strategy and prediction during battle. Your priority should be damaging enemies while keeping Mewoscarada safe should they use status conditions or heal themselves mid-battle. By utilizing effective combos, taking advantage of strengths, and ensuring a good team banalce, trainers can optimize the potential that Meowscarada brings to battles.

Meowscarada’s Ideal Item And Nature

Best Item for Meowscarada

When it comes to choosing the ideal item for Meowscarada, it depends on whether it is a physical or special attacker. In terms of physical items, the Choice Band would be an excellent choice as it increases its attack by 50%, making its already impressive physical moves even more devastating.

If Meowscarada is being used as a special attacker, however, then the Choice Specs would be a better option. It boosts special attack by 50% which means that the moves like Shadow Ball and Dark Pulse become much more powerful.

In addition, the Life Orb can also work well with both physical and special attackers strictly because it gives an overall boost of 30% in damaging output at the cost of some HP each turn. With these three items, Meowscarada will benefit greatly from any one of them but it really just boils down to a trainers’ preference.

Recommended Nature for Meowscarada

Choosing the correct nature is equally important when considering how to build out your Meowscarada on either physical or special attacking styles..

If you plan to utilize physical attacks, Adamant would be the best nature, boosting its attack power while sacrificing speed if you want a wall breaker. If you’re looking to make it fast, Jolly is the way to go. This nature sacrifices the Special Attack aspect whilst increasing speed further.

On the other hand, Timid nature should be considered if you lean towards special attacking builds, as this doubles the speed stat, thus enabling it to outspeed most uninvested Pokemon. A Calm nature could be useful too since it reduces the damage taken from Physical hits.

So, we can conclude that in terms of item choices it depends on your build for Meowscarada and whether you want to increase special or physical attack damage output. As far as the nature goes, players should choose according to what role they would want their Meowscarada to play in battle while considering the composition of their team.

“A combination of good EV spreads and IVs will work best with the recommended Item and Nature”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Meowscarada’s type?

Meowscarada is a Dark/Normal type Pokemon.

Does Meowscarada have any physical moves?

Yes, Meowscarada has several physical moves including Scratch, Bite, and Slash.

What are some of Meowscarada’s special moves?

Meowscarada’s special moves include Dark Pulse, Shadow Ball, and Night Daze.

Is Meowscarada’s physical or special attack stat higher?

Meowscarada’s special attack stat is higher than its physical attack stat.

What is Meowscarada’s base power for physical moves?

Meowscarada’s base power for physical moves varies, but its strongest physical move is Slash with a base power of 70.

What is Meowscarada’s base power for special moves?

Meowscarada’s base power for special moves also varies, but its strongest special move is Night Daze with a base power of 85.

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