Is The Expanse scientifically correct?

The Expanse is the recipient of a Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation – Short Form, as well as two Directors Guild of Canada awards for sound editing. In addition to that critical acclaim, the show has also earned plaudits for its scientific accuracy.

Is technology in Expanse realistic?

Unlike Star Trek, The Expanse has no phasers, warp speed, holodecks, or transporters. Instead, the Amazon sci-fi series’ technology is far more realistic in scope. Based on the novels of the same name by James S.A. Corey, The Expanse initially aired on SyFy before being canceled and picked up by Amazon.

Is The Expanse space combat realistic?

The Expanse’s adherence to realism has proved that excellent storytelling does not have to compromise the laws of physics. This has been exemplified in ‘CQB’, which presented one of the most realistic portrayals of space combat.

Are the ships in The Expanse constantly accelerating?

Ships in the Expanse series by James S. A. Corey make use of constant acceleration drives, which also provide artificial gravity for the occupants.

What is the white liquid in The Expanse?

Acceleration Drugs, Gravity Fluids, or simply known to most pilots as “The Juice” is a mixture of drugs and medicines combining to form a white liquid injected by pilots like Alex Kamal and other crew members before high-g maneuvers. The drug is injected into occupants sitting on Crash Couches.

Does The Expanse have faster than light travel?

Another feature that’s fudged a bit has to do with propulsion: The spaceships of “The Expanse” don’t resort to faster-than-light travel, as other space shows such as “Star Wars” and “Battlestar Galactica” do. But they do zoom faster than what’s possible with any known technology.

How realistic are The Expanse ships?

The Expanse gives the illusion of real physics, but the actual physics are pretty fake. None of the orbits of the planets or the space ships follow realistic path. One of the authors mentioned that they didn’t calculate the positions of the planets or the trajectories between them.

How far into the future is The Expanse?

However, after multiple implications, it is of most likelihood that The Expanse commences in 2350, mostly evidenced by the previous name of the series, 2350.

How do Epstein drives work?

The drive utilizes magnetic coil exhaust acceleration to increase drive efficiency, which enables spaceships to sustain thrust throughout the entire voyage.

Is The Expanse like Mass Effect?

In short, The Expanse has served as a great science-fiction show, especially for fans of the Mass Effect games or spinoff books. In addition to sharing a genre, both series share a number of significant themes as well as common visuals.

What kind of scifi is The Expanse?

Like its fantasy equivalent, “The Expanse” takes a well-worn genre—space opera—and imbues it with raw, grounded political edge. Stories take place along disparate groups of characters in faraway places, occasionally intersecting when the stakes get high enough (and they frequently do).

Is The Expanse our future?

The Expanse is set a few hundred years into our future. Technology has advanced, and humanity has begun to spread itself out throughout much of the solar system – Mars, the Asteroid Belt, and many of the larger moons of the gas giants. There’s no warp speed or teleportation.

How long would it take to get to Alpha Centauri at 1G?

There is a cool calculator of what happen if you travel around with constant 1G acceleration. Long story short: to travel to Alpha Centauri it would take for the traveller still about 4 years, and when back at home, people would have aged only some months more than the astronauts.

How long would it take to reach the speed of light 1G?

It would take 353,7 days of constant 1G (9,81 m/s^2) acceleration to reach the speed of light. In that time you would travel 4,58 billion Km. But the human body can take more than 1G, not sure what’s the limit, and for how long.

Why do the ships fly backwards in the expanse?

For all the previous episodes, the Navoo did not rotate. They created artificial gravity just like everyone else—they had rockets accelerate the spacecraft. Oh, you should note that often the spaceships are flying backwards because they don’t actually fly in space.

Why does the Rocinante have a rail gun?

The Rocinante later acquired a spinal railgun of her own to further enhance her combat capabilities. The UNN has deployed numerous UNN railgun platforms in Earth’s orbit to serve as planetary defense platforms or more uncommonly as first strike weapons.

How many Gs is a flip and burn?

To put that into acceleration terms: That’s over 155 g’s, sustained for the entire length of the burn.

Can you pull Gs in space?

Spinning at high speed, NASA’s 20-G research centrifuge at California’s Ames Research Center can simulate up to 20 times the normal force of gravity we feel at sea level. Even though the force of gravity is still very much in effect, astronauts in orbit do not feel it because they’re in a constant free fall.

Are there G forces in deep space?

The short answer is “yes”—there is gravity in space. Look back at the gravitational equation above. What changes in that equation as you move from the surface of the Earth into space? The only difference is the distance between you and the center of the Earth (the r).

How efficient is the Epstein drive?

The Epstein drive technology allows for >250 ton spacecraft to accelerate for several hours at 5g with bursts of up to 12g, achieving a deltaV of 4000km/s, while not having any radiators and a tiny propellant fraction.

Is The Expanse hard or soft science-fiction?

“The Expanse” is what we in sci-fi fandom know as “hard” science-fiction.

How long does it take to get to Jupiter in The Expanse?

According to the post, travel to Jupiter would take about 16 days. However, in the books, it takes them weeks.

How long does it take to travel in The Expanse?

Doing so, we find that a trip between Earth and Saturn would take about 506 thousand seconds or 5.89 days. In The Expanse travel time is given as several weeks.

Will there be a season 7 expanse?

Amazon Prime revealed the fate for Cas Anvar’s science-fiction series The Expanse Season 7 after the Season 6 finale. Prime Video Network has revealed the Expanse season 7 release dates. The TV series will be back on November 20th 2022.

How many people live on Mars in The Expanse?

Mars is the fourth planet from Sol and the second smallest planet in the Sol system. It has a population of ten billion humans, and is governed by the Martian Congressional Republic.

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