Is the horizontal component of velocity for a projectile affected by the vertical component defend your answer?

The vertical velocity of a projectile is unaffected by the horizontal velocity; these two components of motion are independent of each other. The final vertical velocity of a projectile is always equal to the initial vertical velocity.

What is the shape of the 8 km S curve?

Since the satellite moves at 8 km/s, it “falls” at the same rate Earth “curves.” A satellite in orbit around Earth traces an oval-shaped path called an ellipse. An ellipse is the closed path taken by a point that moves in such a way that the sum of its distances from two fixed points is constant.

How is the motion in the vertical direction affected by motion in the horizontal direction?

Vertical motion is affected only by gravity; horizontal motion does not affect vertical motion.

Does your answer depend on the angle of launch or on the initial speed of the projectile?

The distance neither depend on the angle of launch nor on the initial speed of the projectile.

Why doesn’t the force of gravity change the speed?

15. Why doesn’t the force of gravity change the speed of a satellite in circular orbit? In circular orbit the force of gravity is everywhere perpendicular to the satellite’s path (like the radius of a circle is perpendicular to the circumference). There’s simply no component of force along the path to change speed.

What is the source of centripetal force to a satellite revolving around the Earth?

The gravitational force provides the necessary centripetal force.

What is the only force that acts upon projectile?

A projectile is an object upon which the only force acting is gravity. There are a variety of examples of projectiles. And an object which is thrown upward at an angle to the horizontal is also a projectile (provided that the influence of air resistance is negligible).

What is the path of a projectile called?

Trajectory: the curved path taken by a projectile. Horizontal distance: the distance a projectile moves while falling; also called range.

Why does mass not affect projectile motion?

When writing equations of motion for a dropped object, mass is in the equations in 2 places and they cancel out. That is basically the reason that mass does not affect the results of analysis of a projectile.

Which angle will give the maximum range for a projectile?

A projectile, in other words, travels the farthest when it is launched at an angle of 45 degrees.

What is the relationship between the angle of the projectile and its range?

Answer and Explanation: As the angle increases or decreases from there, the range of the projectile will decrease.

Which component of velocity is constant in a projectile motion?

The velocity of the horizontal component of the projectile motion is constant because there is no external force which acts on the horizontal component of the velocity, but the external force acts on the vertical component of the velocity.

Why 45 degrees is the best angle of trajectory?

A launch at 45 degrees would allow the ball to remain in the air for a longer time, but it would then be launched at a lower horizontal speed at the start and it would slow down more because of the longer flight time. An additional aerodynamic force arises if the ball is spinning.

How do you find the highest point of a projectile?

h = v 0 y 2 2 g . This equation defines the maximum height of a projectile above its launch position and it depends only on the vertical component of the initial velocity.

What do you call the maximum vertical distance of the projectile?

The object’s maximum height is the highest vertical position along its trajectory. The horizontal displacement of the projectile is called the range of the projectile. The range of the projectile depends on the object’s initial velocity.

Does light create gravity?

Light has energy, energy is equivalent to mass, and mass exerts gravitational force. Thus, light creates gravity, i.e. the bending of space-time.

Does gravity bend light?

Gravity bends light Light travels through spacetime, which can be warped and curved—so light should dip and curve in the presence of massive objects. This effect is known as gravitational lensing GLOSSARY gravitational lensingThe bending of light caused by gravity .

Does gravity create time?

The gravitational field is really a curving of space and time. The stronger the gravity, the more spacetime curves, and the slower time itself proceeds.

Does gravity affect centripetal force?

In the case of an object on the Earth moving in a circle (such as a ball on a rope being swung over your head), then no, the centripetal force is not affected by gravity, it instead created by the tension in the rope.

What force keeps Earth in its current orbit?

Gravity. Gravity is the primary force that controls the orbit of the planets around the sun.

Is gravity a centripetal force?

The force of gravity in keeping an object in circular motion is an example of centripetal force. Since it acts always perpendicular to the motion, gravity does not do work on the orbiting object if it is in a circular orbit.

What are the 3 types of projectile motion?

  • Oblique projectile motion.
  • Horizontal projectile motion.
  • Projectile motion on an inclined plane.

What are the 2 forces acting on a projectile?

A. Projectile motion is the motion of a falling object (projectile) after it is given an initial forward velocity. 1. Air resistance and gravity are the only forces acting on a projectile.

Which component of projectile is constant?

The horizontal velocity of a projectile is constant (a never changing in value), There is a vertical acceleration caused by gravity; its value is 9.8 m/s/s, down, The vertical velocity of a projectile changes by 9.8 m/s each second, The horizontal motion of a projectile is independent of its vertical motion.

What does projectile depend on?

It depends on the initial velocity of the projectile and the angle of projection. The maximum height of the projectile is when the projectile reaches zero vertical velocity.

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