Is there any Viva in Class 10?

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Class 10 IT Viva Questions can be asked for 10 + 5 marks in the practical examination. Where 10 marks based on practical work and 5 marks based on IT 402 practical file or project work.

What are the most important topics in physics class 10?

  • Electricity.
  • Human Eye and the Colourful World.
  • Light- Reflection and Refraction.
  • Magnetic Effects of Electric Current.
  • Sources of Energy.

What are the physics lessons for class 10?

  • CHAPTER 10: Light-Reflection and Refraction.
  • CHAPTER 11:The Human Eye And The Colourful World.
  • CHAPTER 12:Electricity.
  • CHAPTER 13: Magnetic Effects Of Electric Current.
  • CHAPTER 14: Sources Of Energy.
  • CHAPTER 15: Our Environment.
  • CHAPTER 16: Management of Natural Resources.
  • Why refer to these articles?

What is the 1 chapter of physics class 10?

Electricity is one of the forms of energy which involves the flow of electrons. It is a basic part of nature and the most commonly used form of energy. The generation of electricity happens with the help of a device called an electric generator.

How do I prepare for Viva Class 10?

Create a good impression: Appear neatly and decently dressed. Wish him with a confident smile and ask him if you can take the seat. Display respect and good attitude towards the examiner. Never give prepared speech as an answer to question; try to be short and to the point.

What are Viva questions?

What are viva questions? A viva simply means a university examination during which students answer questions in speech and these questions are commonly based on a particular project or discipline. Viva questions are an important part of an academic program and often take place at the conclusion of a semester/year.

Which is the toughest chapter in class 10 science?

The most difficult chapter is Heredity and Evolution, but it also has the most weightage.

Which is the easiest chapter in science class 10?

The simplest science chapter in class 10 is chemical reactions.

How many chapters are there in class 10 science?

How many chapters are there in class 10 science NCERT Books? A. NCERT Science textbook for Class 10, consists of a total of 16 Chapters as per the latest syllabus prescribed by the CBSE.

What is electricity class 10th?

The flow of charges in a conductor is defined as electricity. Charges are transferred from one end of the terminal to the other. It usually progresses from a positive to a negative terminal. The electrons travel freely within the body since the nucleus holds them loosely.

What do you mean by light Class 10?

Light is electromagnetic radiation which shows both the properties of waves and particles. It is the form of energy and also keeps the Earth warm. It exists in the form of tiny energy packets known as photons. Each wave consists of the wavelength or the frequency.

What is resistivity class 10th?

Resistivity is defined as the resistance offered by the material per unit length for a unit cross-section. The SI unit of resistivity is ohm-meter. Resistivity increases linearly with temperature.

What is science 10th class?

Science is a combination of theoretical and practical knowledge and can be one of the toughest subjects to understand. In the CBSE Class 10 Science, there are crucial topics such as electricity, magnetic effects of electric current, refraction of light, etc for this we provide you NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Science.

What are the chapters in Class 10 Science Biology?

  • Chapter1: Life Processes. 1.1 Autotrophic Nutrition.
  • Chapter2: Control and Coordination. 2.1 Coordination in Plants.
  • Chapter3: How do Organisms Reproduce?
  • Chapter4: Heredity and Evolution.
  • Chapter5: Our Environment.
  • Chapter5: Substainable Management of Natural Resources.

How should I dress for a Viva?

Wear something that is professional, but comfortable. This is typically a collared shirt for men at a minimum, though a suit jacket and tie are also pretty common. For women, wear a skirt or trousers, and a sweater, blouse, or suit jacket. In all cases, wear professional – but comfortable – shoes.

Why do I get blank during Viva?

Blank, During and Before You can take your time, you can think and something will come. Going blank doesn’t mean you’re not talented, it means you’re human. Your viva isn’t a test of perfection. If you go blank in the viva, sit with it, pause, relax and try again.

How do I start a viva presentation?

  1. 1) Relevance. Your thesis dealt in depth with a particular question, a specific aspect of research.
  2. 2) Background.
  3. 3) Methods.
  4. 4) Findings.
  5. 5) Conclusion.
  6. 6) Sources.

What is viva full form?

Viva. Vision Investment Vitality and Action. Viva.

How do I study for viva?

  1. Calm Down and Breathe. Working yourself up is only going to make things worse, by stopping you sleeping, and making you ill.
  2. Do Something Fun.
  3. Believe in Yourself.
  4. Go in with a Good Attitude.
  5. Dress for Viva Success.
  6. Read Your Thesis.
  7. Know the Rules.
  8. Make a List of Your Own Corrections.

How long is a viva?

The viva might last from half an hour to two hours, in some cases longer, in very rare cases much longer!

Can I get full marks in Science?

There is a belief that one cannot score full marks in Science; however, an increasing number of students have been able to score 100 in this subject. Yes! Scoring a high percentage of marks is not difficult. You just require the right study strategies and correct understanding of the concepts.

What marks does one have to score in each subject to get 90% in 10th board?

How much to score in each subject to score 90% in the board exam? As there are a maximum of 6 to 8 main subjects in each board, one needs to score a maximum of 85% to 90% in each subject. This will lead to an average total of 90%.

How can I top in class 10 2022?

  1. Solve each and every question and example given in NCERT books.
  2. Practice more to gain accuracy and speed.
  3. Solve previous year question papers and sample papers.
  4. Make a separate notebook for formulae, theories, and points for easy practice.

Is class 10 maths easy?

The difficulty level of the class 10 math exam was easy to moderate.

Which is the hardest chapter in maths class 10?

A chapter that most of the students find difficult in maths is trigonometry.

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