Examining Hidden Text in a New Light

Thousands of years from now, when archeologists unearth the remains of modern civilization, chances are they will focus on our devices. After all, an unbelievable amount of daily life is managed by computers and stored on hard drives and servers—from economic transactions to health records and population data. But like a cassette tape without a … Read more

A New Approach to Mapping the Mysteries of Ocean Life

“Limitless and immortal, the waters are the beginning and end of all things on earth.” —Heinrich Zimmer Whether landlocked or waterfront, all of us are intimately connected to the oceans. By providing shipping routes, sustaining the food chain, and producing key elements for life, the oceans support our existence and stabilize our way of life. … Read more

Analyzing Water with Lasers and Levitation

Water is essential for life, but how can we be sure that our water is safe to drink? The ongoing Flint crisis of lead and other toxic metals in drinking water has raised alarm around the country, but new research using sound waves and lasers promises to bring some peace of mind by providing a … Read more

Is There Need for a New Particle Physics Model?

High energy particle physics experiments in the recent past have brought into question certain parts of the model currently used in particle physics. The Standard Model describes how particles interact and provides a framework of conservation rules that give insight into what decays are possible. It has been relied on for decades, but it may … Read more

Imaging a Black Hole

It may seem impossible to image something that not even light can escape, but it has been done! A serious amount of time and effort went into the first image of a black hole. Read on to learn how scientists imaged something that doesn’t do well with the flash on your camera. About Black Holes … Read more

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