What can I bring to an AP test?

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  • Two No. 2 pencils with erasers.
  • Two black or dark blue ink pens. These will be used for any free-response questions you must answer.
  • A watch.
  • Government- or school-issued ID.
  • College Board SSD Student Accommodation Letter.
  • A lunch.

What should you not bring on AP exam day?

Don’t bring these: Books, reference guides, notes, compasses, protractors, mechanical pencils, pencils that are not No. 2, correction fluid, dictionaries, highlighters, or colored pencils. Scratch paper: Students are prohibited from bringing scratch paper to the AP Exam.

Can I bring eraser to AP exam?

2 sharpened No. 2 pencils (with erasers) for completing multiple-choice answer sheets. 2 pens, with black or dark blue ink only, for completing areas on the exam booklet covers and for free-response questions in most exams.

Can I bring a digital watch to an AP exam?

Bring two sharpened #2 pencils and two black or dark blue pens to all exams. No mechanical pencils are allowed. Bring a watch (it cannot beep or have an alarm). Smart watches are prohibited.

Can I bring a water bottle to AP exam?

You are not permitted to bring food or drink, including bottled water, into the exam room (unless approved as an accommodation by College Board’s Services for Students with Disabilities office).

Do I bring my backpack for AP exams?

5. Food and drink is allowed during break time only. Students will place these items at the back of the testing room. BACKPACKS/BAGS/PURSES WILL NOT BE PERMITTED IN THE TEST ROOM.

Can you go to the bathroom during AP exams?

You may use the restroom during the Exam, but you will be escorted by a proctor to the restroom. Your Exam time does not stop. Students may NOT leave the exam area when 5 minutes remain on the exam clock.

Can you have gum during AP exam?

But beware: While chewing gum while studying or before the test can help you out for a while, this effect will not last, especially if you continue chewing during the test; it will merely become a distraction.

Are you allowed to eat during AP exams?

5. Food and drink is allowed during break time only. Students will place these items at the back of the testing room. BACKPACKS/BAGS/PURSES WILL NOT BE PERMITTED IN THE TEST ROOM.

Can you bring a pencil sharpener to AP exam?

Mechanical pencils are not allowed on the AP exams, so Carly will want to bring non-mechanical, number 2 pencils only. And if she decides to bring a pencil sharpener with her, she’ll want to make sure that it is a manual one, not battery-powered or plug-in.

Can you bring a ruler to the AP Physics 1 exam?

Although they are fun to work with, mechanical pencils, colored pencils, correction fluid, and highlighters are not allowed. Save those for other creative projects. You are allowed to use a ruler if you’re taking the AP Physics Exam, but not a protractor. Rulers are not allowed for any other AP Exams.

Are mechanical pencils allowed on AP Exams?

You may not miss classes to prepare for AP tests. BRING: Photo I.D., sharpened #2 pencils (mechanical pencils are not allowed), blue/black pens and, if appropriate, an approved calculator with fresh batteries.

What should I do the night before an AP exam?

Relax the night before the exam. Read a good book, take a hot shower, watch something you’ll enjoy. Get a good night’s sleep. Go to bed early and leave yourself extra time in the morning.

What happens if you are sick on the day of an AP exam?

You will probably be out the money you paid for your AP test (though you might be able to negotiate that with your school’s exam coordinator), but it won’t appear on a score report or anything.

Do you have to use pen on AP exams?

A No. 2 pencil may be required for the multiple choice section of the test, while a pen with black or dark blue ink may be needed any free-response questions.

How long is break during AP exam?

What to Know About Breaks. Under standard testing conditions, most AP Exams include a 10-minute break between the two sections.

Is water allowed during SAT?

Food and Drinks. Although you aren’t allowed to consume these during the actual test, you can have them during the breaks. It’s essential to stay hydrated and energized while testing, so a healthy snack and some water or an electrolyte drink are great options to bring on test day.

What time do AP exams start?

AP exams typically take place during the first two weeks of May. Each day of the two-week testing period is divided into two four-hour testing slots, which begin at 8 am and 12 pm, respectively (all times are local times).

Is AP late testing harder?

Is the late AP exam difficult? No, it is set according to the same curriculum, it is just a different set of questions than the first exam. The late AP exam questions are different from the first test for security reasons.

What if I have 2 AP tests on the same day?

What if I have two exams scheduled on the same day (but not the same time)? You will take the exams back to back (one in the morning and one in the afternoon).

Are AP questions reused?

A percentage of multiple-choice questions from prior exams are reused every year, guaranteeing the statistical reliability of each AP Exam from year to year.

Can I post my AP score on social media?

The rules specify that test takers are not to “email, text, post, or in any other way circulate AP Exam information through any kind of social media, or your AP Exam score may be canceled.”

What happens if you get caught cheating on AP Exam?

Violating these or any of the test security and administration policies and procedures could cause your score to be canceled. Under some circumstances you could even be banned from future testing.

Can a teacher appeal an AP score?

Multiple-choice rescores may result in higher or lower scores than first reported. Results are final and will automatically be rereported to all designated score recipients. You cannot appeal or reorder a multiple-choice rescore.

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