What do you write on a blank page of practical file?

  • Date of Experiment.
  • Submission Date Experiment.
  • Experiment Number.
  • Experiment Title.

How can I study physics practical?

  1. Step 1: Know the type and structure of your practical exam.
  2. Step 2: Gain a mastery of essential scientific skills.
  3. Step 3: Know how to apply the skills for each part of the practical.
  4. Step 4: Practise your skills with various experiments.

Is physics a practical subject?

Physics is a practical science. Practical activities are not just motivational and fun: they can also sharpen students’ powers of observation, stimulate questions, and help develop new understanding and vocabulary.

How many parts of physics are there in class 12?

Ans: The marks for CBSE Class 12 Physics are divided into two parts. First is theory, which consists of 70 marks, and the next is practical which consists of 30 marks.

How do you write an experiment in practical file of physics?

  1. In an Experiment we have to write Following things: i) Aim. ii) Material required.
  2. On PLAIN page, you have to write (WITH PENCIL) following things: i) Aim. ii) Theory diagram (If any)
  3. On LINING page, you have to write (WITH PEN) following things: i) Aim.
  4. List of experiments, you have to complete:

How do I prepare for practical Viva?

  1. Read your thesis.
  2. Don’t over prepare.
  3. Think about the potential questions.
  4. Talk to people who have passed their viva.
  5. Arrange a mock viva.
  6. Know your examiners.
  7. Relax.
  8. And finally… Enjoy it!

How do I prepare for practical board?

  1. Be good with diagrams and circuits. Visualize and draw rough diagrams for the experiments to prepare.
  2. Be confident during the practical examination. A student should be confident about whatever topic is given by the examiner.
  3. Sharpen your senses.

How many marks of practical are there in class 12?

There is not much change in the CBSE class 12th practical marks distribution. The paper pattern for a few subjects is 80+ 20 formats, 80 marks are allotted for theory papers, and 20 marks are allotted for internal evaluation or practical exams.

Is practical exam important?

A practical exam strengthens the comprehension and understanding of a particular subject. Even though theoretical education makes use of textbooks and research papers, applying that knowledge in the real world and having a first-hand experience with it will help understand it much better.

Which branch of physics is the hardest?

Atomic Physics is considered one of the hardest branches of Physics.

Which branch of physics is best?

  1. Mathematical Physics. This is a field where the use of mathematic methods are applied to physics in order to solve problems.
  2. Astrophysics.
  3. Biological Physics.
  4. Advanced Physics.
  5. Medical Physics.

Which branch of physics has more scope?

a) Astro Physics : Best course for those who wanted to explore a better career in Space scinece and technology. b) Nuclear Physics : Ideal for exploring a greater career prospect in Nuclear sector, specially after the great Nuclear deal. And India’s growing Nuclear power and contributions to this subject.

How are Cbse practicals held?

For class 10 students, no external examiner will be appointed by the board, however, for class 12 board will appoint an external examiner in each school for conducted practical exams. The school authorities cannot make alternate arrangements. Practical exams can only be conducted by an external examiner.

Do we have to write procedure in physics practical exam?

You will have to write the statement of the Ohm’s Law and then present its mathematical representation as well. You will also have to provide a diagram to go along with your experiment, which in this case will be a circuit diagram. Then you will have to make a note of the procedure, step by step.

What is Viva full form?

Viva. Vision Investment Vitality and Action. Viva.

Why do I get blank during Viva?

Blank, During and Before You can take your time, you can think and something will come. Going blank doesn’t mean you’re not talented, it means you’re human. Your viva isn’t a test of perfection. If you go blank in the viva, sit with it, pause, relax and try again.

How should I dress for a Viva?

Wear something that is professional, but comfortable. This is typically a collared shirt for men at a minimum, though a suit jacket and tie are also pretty common. For women, wear a skirt or trousers, and a sweater, blouse, or suit jacket. In all cases, wear professional – but comfortable – shoes.

How can I get full marks in practical exam?

  1. Listen thoroughly in classes. If you don’t pay attention in a theory class, you can make it up by reading the text and notes.
  2. Keep good notes. Most practical tasks have a set of instructions, often minute ones.
  3. Practice well.
  4. Understand the process.
  5. Avoid nervousness.

Is Class 12 practical easy?

Class 12 CBSE Practical Exams The CBSE Class 12 practical exams are very easy and scoring. If you perform well in practical, you can improve your overall grades too. In these tough situations, class 12th students can expect even more leniency in the 2022-23 exams.

How many people will attend a practical after P?

The one who likes Geography will attend a practical immediately before P. Only three people will attend a practical between P and the one who likes English.

What is the minimum marks given in practical?

In case of a subject involving practical work a candidate must obtain 33% marks in theory and 33% marks in practical separately in addition to 33% marks in aggregate in order to qualify in that subject.

How practical marks are divided?

All the main subjects are divided Ito two parts. These are, Internal Assesment = 20 marks, External Assesment = 80 marks.

What is the passing marks out of 40 in CBSE?

CBSE passing marks out of 40 The minimum pass marks out of 40 are 13 marks (33% of 40). So you need to achieve 13 pass marks out of 40.

What happens if you fail practical exam?

In case a candidate has failed in practical he/she shall have to appear in theory and practical both. If he/she fails to pass the examination in two consecutive years, after the first attempt he/she shall have to reappear in all the subjects including practical.

Is Viva Class 12 hard?

Viva is not so tough. And every student get good marks in external .

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