What does the word stray meaning?

1 : having strayed or escaped from a proper or intended place a stray dog. 2 : occurring at random or sporadically stray thoughts. 3 : not serving any useful purpose : unwanted stray light.

What is stray energy?

Definition of stray energy : electrical losses (as in a dynamo) due to friction, hysteresis, or eddy currents as distinguished from the loss from electric resistance in the conducting apparatus.

What is stray radiation?

In this paper, stray radiation is defined as undesirable scattered radiation that is produced when the primary (therapeutic) proton beam interacts in the treatment unit or in the patient. The primary contributor to absorbed dose from stray radiation was secondary neutron radiation.

What do you mean by stray light?

Stray light is light in an optical system, which was not intended in the design. The light may be from the intended source, but follow paths other than intended, or it may be from a source other than the intended source.

What is the synonym of Stray?

adj.abandoned, wandering. verbdeviate, err. verbwander; get lost.

Where is the first memory in Stray?

Memory 1. After Momo helps you open the large door, continue ahead until you reach a brightly lit area that leads to a narrow corridor. Go down the steps and follow the path, then take the first left, where you’ll see a bunch of Zurk eggs. Run through them or take them out, and then jump up through the pipe on the left …

Where can I find energy can Stray?

How do you save in Stray?

To save the game in Stray, you have to complete one of the main objectives. There are no save checkpoints for side objectives so if you spend 15 to 20 minutes looking around The Slums, you will need to complete the next main objective to get to the next checkpoint.

What causes stray light?

Stray light can be caused by diffraction, light scattering, or the machine may need to be repaired. All spectrophotometers have stray light. Higher end models will have less stray light, but no machine is perfect.

What is stray light in UV?

Stray light is defined as any light that reaches the detector which is outside the spectral region isolated by the monochromator. High stray light frequently leads to deviations from the Beer-Lambert Law, with subsequent inaccuracies in sample photometric values.

How do you use stray light?

How to Turn on the Flashlight. The flashlight is automatically added to B-12. Once you have acquired him, got the small cat backpack and generally booted everything up, you simply have to press up on the D-Pad to activate it.

How do you identify a stray light?

Stray light is determined at an appropriate wavelength using suitable filters or solutions. When checking for stray light, the stray light filter used is measured against the reference filter filled with pure water.

How do you use UV light stray?

In using the Defluxor, simply point the UV light to the Zurks to pop them. However, remember that if you aim at the Zurks’ incubator, additional Zurks will be spawned as a result. Moreover, the UV light is equipped with a temperature meter that will indicate whether it has been overused for a short time.

How can we avoid stray light?

6.8. The stray light level can be reduced by decreasing the slit height but at the sacrifice of an increased noise level. Stray light may originate from imperfections in the dispersing element or in other optical surfaces, from diffraction effects and other optical aberrations or from damaged or worn components.

How do you use Stray in a sentence?

The dog was a stray which had been adopted. Even with the simplest cases I find my mind straying. She could not keep her eyes from straying towards him. An 8-year-old boy was killed by a stray bullet.

Is Stray short?

Stray takes about five hours to beat. As per the length chronicling site How Long to Beat, most players took between four and five and a half hours to complete the story with some variation based on “extras” that aren’t essential to the main plot. At this time of writing, these numbers come from about 80 players.

What is the synonym for conjecture?

guesswork, hunch, hypothesis, inference, supposition, conclusion, fancy, guess, guesstimate, notion, opinion, presumption, surmise, theorizing, theory, assume, believe, conceive, conclude, deem.

What are the opposite words?

An antonym is a word of the opposite meaning.

What happens if you miss a memory in Stray?

Don’t worry if you miss a memory – Stray allows you to restart any chapter you’ve already completed whenever you like. The only catch is that you have to start that chapter from the very beginning.

How many areas are in Stray?

In total, Stray houses 12 chapters (technically, given one is a follow-up to a previous chapter’s location) with each one sitting at around half an hour. Some of those chapters are naturally shorter, and some are longer. The chapters are as follows: Inside the Wall.

What happens when you get every memory in Stray?

As a reward for collecting all the memories in the game, you’ll receive an achievement or trophy and a new holographic harness for Stray to wear. If you missed any memories during your playthrough, you can replay a chapter and it will still count towards your total.

How many energy cans are in Stray?

There are three things in stock: a section of electrical cable, a piece of sheet music, and a covered item. The electrical cable is needed to progress the story and can be traded for a bottle of Super Spirit Detergent, but the other two items are traded for one energy drink can and three energy drink cans respectively.

How many energy drinks are in Stray?

There are a total of four Energy Drinks that you can collect in Stray.

Where is the last energy can in Stray?

For the final Stray energy drink location, start from Grandma Clothing and jump up the AC units on the corner opposite to reach the rooftop where a robot named Heptor is sat. Diagonally opposite from here is another rooftop with an orange vending machine on it, which will give you the last energy drink can.

How many hours is Stray?

When focusing on the main objectives, Stray is about 5 Hours in length. If you’re a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 9 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

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