What is mean by erect and diminished?

erect means straight. a diminished image is a real or virtual image. it means that it is a very small image.

What is diminished image of an object?

A real and diminished image of an object can be formed on a screen by the convergence of light rays coming from an object and is possible only with a convex lens or a concave mirror and placing the object at a distance beyond twice the focal length of the lens or mirror.

What does diminished mean in optics?

If the size of the image formed is smaller than the object the image is said to be diminished image. Related Answer.

When image is erect and diminished?

Convex mirror always give an erect and diminished image for all object positions between infinity and pole P of the mirror.

Is convex mirror diminished?

The image formed by a convex mirror is always diminished and erect. Convex mirrors form real images when the object is right on the mirror surface.

Which mirror is virtual and diminished?

Convex mirrors always form virtual and diminished images irrespective of object location.

Is concave lens diminished?

A concave lens always forms a diminished, image. A concave lens always forms a diminished, image.

Are real image diminished?

A real, diminished image is formed by a convex lens when the position of an object is beyond 2F′ . When an object is placed beyond 2F′ in front of a convex lens then the image formed is real, inverted, smaller than the object (or diminished), and between f and 2f on the other side of the lens.

Which mirror shows diminished images?

A concave mirror forms a real, inverted and diminished image when the object is placed at the focus.

Is the image magnified or diminished?

If an image is smaller than the original object it is called diminished and if it is larger it is called magnified. Diminished Image: If the image produced is smaller than the original object, the image is called dimished. An example of this is an object placed far from a convex lens.

Can convex lens form diminished image?

The convex lens always forms a virtual, erect, and diminished image of the object. The convex lens always forms a virtual, erect, and diminished image of the object.

What is the meaning of erect in physics?

An erect image is formed when both of the rays intersect each other’s a certain point then an erect image is formed It is an image in which directions are the same as those in the object, in contrast to an inverted image.

Is convex mirror enlarged or diminished?

The image formed by a convex mirror is erect and diminished. Hence, the correct choice is (a).

Is concave mirror erect or inverted?

Concave mirrors can form inverted and real images and also virtual and erect images.

What is real and inverted image?

Why are real images always inverted? A real image occurs when the rays converge. A real image is always formed below the principal axis, so these are inverted whereas a virtual image is always formed above the principal axis so these are always erect.

What is mirror formula?

The relation between focal length of mirror, distance of the object and distance of the image is known as mirror formula. It is given by. u1+v1=f1.

In which lens diminished image is formed?

There are two types of spherical lens: Concave lens and convex lens. Concave lens is also called a diverging lens because it diverges the light rays passing through it. The images formed are virtual, erect and diminished.

What is a concave mirror?

A concave mirror has a reflective surface that is curved inward and away from the light source. Concave mirrors reflect light inward to one focal point. Unlike convex mirrors, the image formed by a concave mirror shows different image types depending on the distance between the object and the mirror.

What is virtual erect and diminished image?

A concave lens always gives a virtual, erect and diminished image whatever may be the position of the object. The position of the images when the object is placed at infinity, between O and F and any position between infinity and O are given.

Does concave mirror erect image?

Solution : Concave mirror forms an erect, virtual and enlarged image when the object is between focus and pole of mirror.

Is virtual image always erect?

The virtual image is always erect. The common example of virtual image is the image formed in the mirror when we stand in front of that mirror. A realimage is that image which is formed when the light rays coming from an object actually meet each other after reflection or refraction.

Is projector a convex lens?

Projectors contain convex lenses. For an object placed between one and two focal lengths from the lens, the image is: inverted. magnified.

WHAT IS lens formula?

What is the Lens Formula? According to the Convex Lens equation, the Lens formula is 1/f = 1/v + 1/u. It relates the Focal Length of a Lens with the distance of an object which is placed in front of it and the image formed of that object. Lens magnification is defined as the ratio of the image Length and object Length.

Is convex lens real or virtual?

A convex lens can form both real and virtual image. When the object is placed beyond the focus, it forms a real and inverted image and when it is placed between focus and optical centre, it forms a virtual and erect image.

What is the meaning of highly diminished?

diminished means decreased in size , etc so highly diminished means an object which is highly decreased in size , etc… Was this answer helpful? -1.

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