What is scintillation Class 11?

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Definition of scintillate intransitive verb. 1 : to emit sparks : spark. 2 : to emit quick flashes as if throwing off sparks : sparkle Imagine it’s a cool summer night, the stars scintillate brilliantly in the sky overhead and the campfire blazes away.— Thomas E. Young.

What is the synonym of scintillate?

The flash of light that is produced by a transparent material due to the passage of a subatomic particle (electron, ion, alpha particle, or photon) is called scintillation.

What is scintillation counter physics?

See also synonyms for: scintillating. charm. coruscate. flash. gleam.

What is a sentence for scintillate?

A scintillation Counter is an instrument that is used for measuring ionizing radiation. “It comprises the scintillator that generates photons in response to incident radiation”, a PMT tube is used to convert an electronics and electric signal to process the signal.

What is a scintillating sentence?

The chief had never been addressed in this audacious fashion, and his eyes seemed to scintillate from under his scowling brows. He may have been an excellent ostler, but did not scintillate as an officers’ steward. They did not scintillate, but rather glistened with a steady greenish lustre.

What is scintillation and what causes it?

having brief brilliant points or flashes of light. (1) You were scintillating on TV last night. (2) a play full of scintillating dialogue. (3) Statistics on unemployment levels hardly make for scintillating reading.

Which is used in scintillation detector?

Scintillation of radio waves impacts the power and phase of the radio signal. Scintillation is caused by small-scale (tens of meters to tens of km) structure in the ionospheric electron density along the signal path and is the result of interference of refracted and/or diffracted (scattered) waves.

What are the properties of scintillator?

Detection materials Sodium iodide (NaI) containing a small amount of thallium is used as a scintillator for the detection of gamma waves and zinc sulfide (ZnS) is widely used as a detector of alpha particles.

What is a antonym for scintillate?

The required scintillator properties depend on the application, and typical properties to be considered are the light yield, emission wavelength, energy resolution, scintillation decay time, afterglow and high cross-section with the radiation type of interest.

Where does the word scintillating come from?

adjective. Having brief brilliant points or flashes of light. Antonyms. dull unpolished colorless inauspicious unreverberant dark inglorious.

How do you say the word scintillating?

What are the different types of scintillators?

Scintillating “witty, brilliantly clever” ultimately derives from the Latin noun scintilla “glittering speck, spark.” Scintilla and its few derivatives refer generally only to physical phenomena; the only metaphorical sense that scintilla has is of eyes flashing in anger or passion, not the sense of sparkling or …

What are the types of scintillation counting?

There are two commonly used types of scintillators, inorganic crystals and organic scintillators.

Is scintillation counter and detector same?

They are: Plastic or organic scintillators and. Crystalline scintillators or inorganic scintillators.

Is Blinging a word?

A scintillation counter or scintillation detector is a radiation detector which uses the effect known as scintillation. Scintillation is a flash of light produced in a transparent material by the passage of a particle (an electron, an alpha particle, an ion, or a high-energy photon).

Is Shinest a word?

Definition of blinging in the English dictionary The definition of blinging in the dictionary is flashy and expensive. Other definition of blinging is very good.

What type of word is shimmers?

Shinest definition Second-person singular simple present form of shine.

Is Scintillatingly a word?

As detailed above, ‘shimmer’ can be a noun or a verb.

Is scintillating a adjective?

adj. Animated, brilliant, or highly skilled: a scintillating personality; a scintillating performance. scin′til·lat′ing·ly adv.

What is a good sentence for photon?

SCINTILLATING (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What are scintillation materials?

Photon sentence example What begins as a single gamma ray photon in the sun’s core emerges at the surface as thousands of visible-light photons. Consider a photon emitted by a galaxy a billion years ago, now caught on a photographic plate on Earth.

How is scintillation light produced?

What Are Scintillation Materials? Scintillators are materials that absorb energetic radiation such as gamma rays, X-rays, or neutrons and convert that energy into short bursts of visible photons. These photons are then converted into electrical pulses by photo-detectors.

What happens in a scintillator?

Scintillation light is the light that is emitted when ionizing radiation is the source of the energy. Scintillation is luminescence stimulated by ionizing radiation. Luminescence is light emitted by the excitation of the luminescent centers into response light source or due to electronic stimulation.

What are the advantages of scintillation counter?

Scintillators are a group of materials that luminesce when exposed to ionizing radiation. In layman’s terms that means these materials emit light when they absorb particles or electromagnetic waves that create “free” electrons in the material.

What is frequency scintillation?

The advantages of a scintillation counter are its efficiency and possible high precision and counting rates. These latter attributes result from the extremely short duration of the light flashes, from about 10-9 (organic scintillators) to 10-6 (inorganic scintillators) seconds.

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