What is the best definition of elastic potential energy?

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Elastic potential energy is the energy stored in elastic materials as the result of their stretching or compressing. Elastic potential energy can be stored in rubber bands, bungee chords, trampolines, springs, an arrow drawn into a bow, etc.

How is elastic energy defined?

Elastic energy is energy stored in an object when there is a temporary strain on it – like in a coiled spring or a stretched elastic band. The energy is stored in the bonds between atoms.

What is elastic potential energy physics 11?

Elastic potential energy is the potential energy stored by stretching or compressing an elastic object by an external force such as the stretching of a spring. It is equal to the work done to stretch the spring which depends on the spring constant k and the distance stretched.

What is elastic potential energy GCSE physics?

A force acting on an object may cause the shape of an object to change. Elastic objects can store elastic potential energy if they are stretched or squashed. For example, this happens when a catapult is used or a spring is stretched.

What’s an example of elastic potential energy?

An archer’s stretched bow: Until the bow is released, the energy used to bend it back is stored as elastic potential energy. When the bow is released, the elastic potential energy in the bow is immediately converted into kinetic energy in the arrow.

Why is it called elastic potential energy?

Elastic potential energy is Potential energy stored as a result of deformation of an elastic object, such as the stretching of a spring.

How do you find elastic potential energy?

Elastic potential energy = force x distance of displacement. Because the force is = spring constant x displacement, then the Elastic potential energy = spring constant x displacement squared.

How do you prove elastic potential energy?

In order to find the formula for elastic potential energy of a spring we need to look at Hooke’s law, which states that the force needed to stretch a spring is proportional to the displacement of the spring. Mathematically this is expressed as F = kx, where x is the displacement and k is the spring constant.

What is another name for elastic energy?

Alternate Synonyms for “elastic energy”: elastic potential energy; potential energy; P.E.

Is elastic potential energy equal to kinetic energy?

As the object starts to move, the elastic potential energy is converted into kinetic energy, becoming entirely kinetic energy at the equilibrium position. The energy is then converted back into elastic potential energy by the spring as it is stretched or compressed.

What is the SI unit for elastic potential energy?

The SI unit of Elastic Potential energy is Joule (J).

What is the difference between elastic potential energy and spring potential energy?

But as soon as the stress is relieved, instantly the spring gains its normal shape. This is called the spring potential energy. The elastic potential energy of the spring helps to get back to normal shape. Generally, it follows Hooke’s law.

What is gravitational potential energy simple?

Gravitational potential energy is the energy possessed or acquired by an object due to a change in its position when it is present in a gravitational field. In simple terms, it can be said that gravitational potential energy is an energy that is related to gravitational force or to gravity.

What is elastic potential energy GCSE AQA?

Work is done when a spring is extended or compressed . Elastic potential energy is stored in the spring. Provided inelastic deformation has not happened, the work done is equal to the elastic potential energy stored.

What is the equation for elastic potential energy GCSE?

Ee = ½ × k × e2 Where: Ee = elastic potential energy in Joules (J) k = spring constant in Newtons per metre (N/m) e = extension in metres (m)

What is gravitational potential energy GCSE?

When an object is lifted in a gravitational field , energy is transferred to a gravity store. This store is called gravitational potential energy . gravitational potential energy = mass × height × gravitational field strength (g)

What affects elastic potential energy?

Elastic potential energy is due to an object’s shape. It results when an elastic object is stretched or compressed. The more it is stretched or compressed, the greater its elastic potential energy is. Chemical energy and nuclear energy are other forms of potential energy.

Why is elastic energy important?

Because a spring can remain in a compressed or stretched state for extended periods without dissipating energy, elastic potential energy is fundamental to many mechanical devices, such as shock absorbers in cars.

What is elastic energy used for?

The elastic potential energy equation is used in calculations of positions of mechanical equilibrium. The energy is potential as it will be converted into other forms of energy, such as kinetic energy and sound energy, when the object is allowed to return to its original shape (reformation) by its elasticity.

Where is the elastic potential energy zero?

Elastic potential energy is zero when the spring is at its original displacement. In this position, the spring doesn’t want to recoil.

What is the symbol equation for elastic potential energy?

The amount of elastic potential energy stored in a stretched spring can be calculated using the equation: elastic potential energy = 0.5 × spring constant × (extension) Ee = 1/2 k e.

How do you find the elastic potential energy of a rubber band?

The energy stored in the rubber band is determined by the bands k value (k is called the spring constant), and how far the rubber band is stretched. For each rubber band type, using the formula PE = ½kx2, calculate the “maximum” elastic potential energy (PE).

What two factors affect potential energy?

The factors affecting potential energy are the mass of the object and its distance from the Earth’s surface.

Can potential energy negative?

Reason : Potential energy is always negative and if it is greater than kinetic energy total mechanical energy will be negative.

What is the unit of potential energy?

UNIT : Unit of P.E. = S.I. UNIT OF ENERGY = Joule (J) Q. The gravitational potential energy stored in a box of weight 150 kgf is 1.5 ×104J.

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