What should I do after BSc computer application?

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What are the subjects in BSc physics with computer application?

  • Methodology in Physics.
  • Mechanics & Properties of Matter.
  • Electricity & Electrodynamics.
  • Classical & Quantum Mechanics.
  • Physical Optics & Photonics.
  • Thermal & Statistical Physics.
  • Digital Electronics.
  • Computational Physics.

What is the syllabus of BSc Physics 1st year?

The students will get to learn about subjects like mathematical physics, mechanics, chemistry, Oscillations and Waves, Thermal Physics, Numerical Analysis, Quantum Mechanics, Atomic and Molecular Physics, Statistical Physics, Solid State Physics, Nuclear and Particle Physics, etc.

Is there Physics in BCS?

In bcs, u will have physics, chemistry as a subject and this course is available in science colleges.. In some technical colleges u might get this course but not in every. BCA is a completely technical and available in almost every technical colleges.

Is BSC Physics with Computer Application good?

It is a really good course. If you are good and interesting in Physics and Computer, then you should go with it.

What is the scope for BSC physics and computer application?

Therefore, computer Applications is an upcoming field with ample opportunities for graduates. Upon completing the course, students can easily get jobs as Mobile App Developer, Computer Programmer, Computer Operator, Computer Application Tutor, Senior Application Support Analyst, etc., in numerous private or govt.

Is BSc physics difficult?

Actually every learning is tough. if you really like physics then I think that it will not be very much difficult to you. In the BSc level of of Physics you can find that you have got the basic knowledge of some topics in your 10 or 12th level. Actually you need to create interest yourself.

Which college is best for BSc physics in Kerala?

  • Farook College, Kozhikode. B.Sc Physics.
  • Mar Ivanios College, Nalanchira. B.Sc Physics.
  • Maharaja’s College, Ernakulam.
  • St Thomas College, Thrissur.
  • St Teresa’s College, Ernakulam.
  • Christ College, Irinjalakuda.
  • St Joseph’s College, Devagiri.
  • Government Victoria College, Palakkad.

Can I join ISRO after BSc physics?

For joining as ISRO Scientist -SC (entry level). basic education qualification is Msc or Btech. Msc can be in Physics, chemistry or mathematics. After Bsc physics you can join as Technical Assistant, ISRO allow you option of part-time/correspondence study, after completing Msc you can get promoted to Scientist-SC.

Which is best BCA or BSc physics?

specially if you want to do research oriented jobs, then BSc Physics is compulsary. but if you are not interested to work in your Physics field, then it is essential to do bca. but one things you shoud remember, for getting promotion in company, mca or MBA is essentially required after bca.

Is BSc physics a good course?

BSc Physics paves a strong ground for students for further studies in physics-oriented courses. It also trains graduates to get entry-level jobs in the private or government sector.

Which is better B Sc Physics or B Sc Computer Science?

Candidates who pursue higher studies after B.Sc Computer Science can expect better growth in career. Candidates can apply for government jobs after B.Sc Physics.To get exposure to research work and teaching, the candidate must go for higher studies in a relevant field.

Which one is better BCS or BSc?

The main difference among two subjects is in the field of higher studies. If you study BCS then you have to learn computers in higher level. But if you learn Bsc computer science you can study any of the subjects studied in degree level in your masters level also.

Which BSc course has highest salary?

  • BSc Nursing.
  • BSc Nutrition and Dietetics.
  • B.Sc. Clinical Research.
  • BHMS course.
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy.
  • BSc Psychology.
  • BSc Forensic Science.
  • BSc Optometry.

Which is better Physics or Computer Science?

Physics and Computer Science are two complementary fields. Physics provides an analytic problem-solving outlook and basic understanding of nature, while computer science enhances the ability to make practical and marketable applications, in addition to having its own theoretical interest.

What should I choose Physics or Computer Science?

Studying Physics can be good for someone. Studying computer science including programming gives practical ability for handling data and doing computations. Physics study will also make plenty of opportunity for making programs to handle information found and used in the study.

Can I get job after B.Sc physics?

After completing a B.Sc. in Physics course, you may pursue job opportunities in the public sector. Some of the available roles include consulting physicist, junior scientist, lab technician, radiologist, professor and researcher.

Which is the best course after B.Sc physics?

  • MSc in Physics.
  • MSc in Applied Physics.
  • MSc in Advanced physics.
  • MSc in Particle/Nuclear Physics.
  • MSc in Biophysics.
  • MSc in Space Exploration Systems.
  • MSc in Acoustics.
  • MSc in Optical Physics.

Which BSC has more scope?

And these are the courses: Bsc in physics, Bsc in mathematics, Bsc in agricuture, Bsc horticulture, Bsc computer science, Bsc biochemistry, Bsc biotechnology, Bsc nursing, Bsc zoology and etc. Bsc computer science have high scope. You can pursue any of these degrees based on your area of interest.

Which field is best in physics?

  1. Mathematical Physics. This is a field where the use of mathematic methods are applied to physics in order to solve problems.
  2. Astrophysics.
  3. Biological Physics.
  4. Advanced Physics.
  5. Medical Physics.

Is BSc physics tougher than btech?

Both courses are difficult as both includes physics and mathematics of good level . But of course as BTech course is of 4 years whereas BSc is of 3 years, so BTech is one year more of exams and study so it is little tough. Also the subjects it includes are more of technical.

Can BSc physics take without maths?

to do physics for degree you will have to study maths in you 12th. there is no other option other than to opt for other subject.

Which has more scope BSc physics or maths?

Bachelor of Science in Physics has more scope in curiculum than BS in Mathematics. For instance advanced mathematical methods, Quantum mechanics, Thermodynamics, and Statistical Mechanics are not part of BS in mathematics.

Which college is best for BSc physics in India?

  • St Stephen’s College, New Delhi. New Delhi, Delhi NCR | UGC Accredited.
  • Hindu College, New Delhi.
  • Miranda House, New Delhi.
  • Loyola College, Chennai.
  • MCC Chennai, Chennai.
  • HRC, New Delhi.
  • Presidency College, Chennai.
  • Fergusson College, Pune.

What is full form of BSc?

What is the full form of B.Sc? (1) The full form of B.Sc is a Bachelor of Science. B.Sc is a three year Science and Technology undergraduate course. After passing the exam in 12th class, it is a crucial degree course among science students.

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