What’s the problem in hare and the tortoise?

The story concerns a Hare who ridicules a slow-moving Tortoise. Tired of the Hare’s arrogant behaviour, the Tortoise challenges him to a race. The hare soon leaves the tortoise behind and, confident of winning, takes a nap midway through the race.

What is the problem and solution in the tortoise and the hare?

Problem: The Hare was boastful and believed he could beat anyone in a race. Solution: The tortoise raced the Hare and beat him by keeping a steady pace. Moral: Slow and steady win the race.

How did the tortoise win the race even though he is slower than the hare?

The hare tried to win the race by going fast and doing it all at once. The tortoise, on the other hand, took the focused approach. He was focused on the goal, and steadily moved towards it. The tortoise did it the hard way, and he won.

What is the deeper meaning of the tortoise and the hare?

The hare is very confident of winning, so it stops during the race and falls asleep. The tortoise continues to move very slowly but without stopping and finally it wins the race. The moral lesson of the story is that you can be more successful by doing things slowly and steadily than by acting quickly and carelessly.

Why do you think the hare slept during the race?

A Tortoise and Hare decide to race. The hare is so confident in the lead that he naps while the tortoise keeps going to win. Slow and steady wins the race.

What is the moral of the story of tortoise and rabbit?

When the hare reached the point where the race ended, all the animals were laughing at him for losing the race to the tortoise. That day, he learnt a lesson that bragging about something doesn’t win you accolades, hence you should never mock others for their own pace. Moral of the Story: Slow and steady wins the race!

What lesson does The Tortoise and the Hare teach?

The Aesop fable of the Tortoise and the Hare has been a classic tale told to generations of children. The lessons are that slow and steady wins the race and that overconfidence leads to your downfall.

What is the highlight of the selection of the hare and the tortoise?

Aesop’s fables are known for having a clear moral, and the fable of the hare and the tortoise is no exception. Indeed, the moral of this tale has become proverbial: slow and steady wins the race.

What is the moral of the fable of the tortoise in things fall apart?

The moral of the story is that you shouldn’t cheat people, like the turtle cheated the birds to get food. When you trick people you can get in trouble or they’ll get mad and get revenge, like the parrot did as he tricked the turtle into falling form the sky onto hard things.

What is the summary of hare and tortoise story?

Aesop’s famous fable tells the story of a tortoise who, ridiculed by the hare for being slow, challenges it to a race. The hare soon leaves the tortoise behind and, confident of winning, takes a nap midway. Upon awakening, he finds that his competitor, crawling slowly but steadily, has arrived before him.

Did the tortoise win the race if yes why?

We all know the story of the Tortoise and the Hare. Competing in a race, everyone thought the hare would win, the tortoise had a surprising victory. While he was clearly outclassed in speed, the tortoise focused on the finish line. Steady and plodding he made consistent motion forward, ultimately winning the race.

Is the hare and the tortoise a metaphor?

“The fable of ‘The Tortoise and the Hare’ is a metaphor about life, not a story about a race,” said Adrian Bejan, the J.A. Jones Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Duke University.

Can Jimmy and Bob be compared to the hare and the tortoise How?

Yes we can compare Jimmy and Bob to t”he hare and the tortoise” because Bob has been like a hare for the past 20 years. Bob has always been victimized by police for some or the other reasons. Bob doesn’t even have anyone to care about him.

Which sentence best describes a theme of the story The Tortoise and the Hare?

The moral or theme of “”The Tortoise and the Hare”” is that “”slow and steady wins the race.

What is the resolution of The Tortoise and the Hare?

Resolution: And when at last he did wake up, the Tortoise was near the goal. The Hare now ran his swiftest, but he could not overtake the Tortoise in time. Rising action: The hare was much amused at the idea of running a race with the Tortoise, but for the fun of thing he agreed.

What did the hare realize after losing the race?

The hare was disappointed at losing the race and he did some soul-searching. He realized that he’d lost the race only because he had been overconfident, careless and lax. If he had not taken things for granted, there’s no way the tortoise could have beaten him. So he challenged the tortoise to another race.

Why did the hare and tortoise feel better in their last race?

The Hare thought he was better than the Tortoise because the Tortoise is a slow moving animal. Once challenged, the Hare’s negative attitude told him to rest instead of beating the Tortoise in the race. The Hare slept too long, and in the interim, the Tortoise won the race.

What was the hare proud of?

Once upon a time, there was a hare who was very proud of himself and thought no one could ever match his running speed. He always made fun of the tortoise for his slow speed. He was so proud of himself that he once challenged the tortoise in front of everyone to participate in a running race with him.

What is a moral lesson in a story?

A moral (from Latin morālis) is a message that is conveyed or a lesson to be learned from a story or event. The moral may be left to the hearer, reader, or viewer to determine for themselves, or may be explicitly encapsulated in a maxim. A moral is a lesson in a story or in real life.

What mistake did the rabbit commit in the first race?

As the race began, the rabbit raced way ahead of the turtle, just like everyone thought. The rabbit got to the halfway point and could not see the turtle anywhere. He was hot and tired and decided to stop and take a short nap. Even if the turtle passed him, he would be able to race to the finish line ahead of him.

What is the setting of the story The Tortoise and the Hare?

The forest is the setting for The Tortoise and the Hare.

What can we learn from hare?

For the hare, the moral is: ‘The race is not always won by the fastest’. This is to remind us not to be proud. We should not look down on others. It does not matter how good you are.

What we can learn from tortoise?

The tortoise never let his differences with the hare stop his ambitions to compete in the race. The hare was always faster and further ahead of the tortoise throughout the race, but he never got discouraged. The same thing will happen in life. You are going to have friends that have the newest thing.

Who is the antagonist in the tortoise and the hare?

But the tortoise lets nothing stop him in his quest to win the Woodland Olympics, not even the cheating, conniving schemes of the hare. “The hare is not very friendly, he’s too self-involved and definitely the antagonist,” said Ray Ficca, who plays the white hare.

What are the adults trying to teach the children through the fable of the tortoise?

The Tortoise will not allow all of his fellow creatures to join in the bounty (food) that the Earth Goddess has offered. Because of this sin one of his brothers turns against him and Earth Goddess herself breaks his shell. The message or moral in the creation story is to not take advantage over what you are granted.

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