When was Physics and maths tutor published?

The idea started in 2014, when Görkem was working as a maths and physics tutor while studying at university. After graduating, he launched the Physics & Maths Tutor website to share his revision materials and past paper solutions with his students.

Is Physics and maths tutor a good website?

Physics and Maths Tutor is a treasure trove. Well-designed and easy to navigate, the website is packed with papers for GCSE, IGCSE, A Level and International A Level students. Although the site focuses primarily on Maths and Physics, it covers a broad range of subjects, including humanities.

Who is the owner of Physics and maths tutor?

The term ‘Physics & Maths Tutor’ or ‘us’ or ‘we’ refers to the owner of the website, Gosici Services Ltd, whose registered office is PK: 726 Gazimagusa Serbest Liman ve Bolgesi, Gazimagusa, KKTC, Mersin 10 Turkey.

Which tutor is best for maths?

  • Best Overall: The Princeton Review.
  • Best Free: Learn To Be.
  • Best Professional: Revolution Prep.
  • Best for One-on-One Support: Prodigy.
  • Best for 24/7 Help: Chegg.
  • Best for Occasional Help: Skooli.
  • Best for Resources: Tutor Doctor.
  • Best for Special Needs: Special Ed Tutoring.

Why is A Level biology so hard?

A-level Biology requires large amounts of independent study. This is because of the large volume of content that you need to understand. It’s not enough to just memorise the content. The exam will test your critical thinking skills, which requires a high level of understanding of the content.

Is Revisely free?

Revisely Revisely has a huge collection of free resources for all subjects at A Level and GCSE, and their Physics collection is particularly impressive. They’ve got hundreds of video tutorials taking you through each topic, revision notes and past papers.

What does GCSE stand for?

What GCSEs are. GCSE stands for General Certificate of Secondary Education. They are highly valued by schools, colleges and employers. The qualification mainly involves studying the theory of a subject, together with some investigative work, while some subjects also involve practical work.

Who is the founder of Save my exams?

Jamie Undrell – CEO & Founder – Save My Exams | LinkedIn.

What is as level in UK?

AS (Advanced Subsidiary) and A (Advanced) level qualifications normally take two years to complete full-time in school or FE college, although they’re also available to study part-time. It is split into two parts, with one part studied in each year. The first part is known as the Advanced Subsidiary level (AS level).

Is Eddie Woo a good teacher?

Woo gave the Australia Day Address in NSW in 2018, the first time a teacher has done so. On 25 January 2018, Woo won the Australia’s Local Hero Award at the Australian of the Year Awards. In March 2018, Woo was named a Top 10 Finalist in the Global Teacher Prize.

Who is the best teacher for physics on YouTube?

  • Khan Academy.
  • Mashup Math.
  • Cbseclass videos.
  • Pebbles CBSE Board Syllabus.
  • Aman Dhattarwal.

Who is the best teacher in YouTube for maths?

  • Abhinay Sharma Sir.
  • RaMo Sir.
  • Gagan Pratap Sir.
  • Rakesh Yadav.
  • Saket Sir.
  • Sahil Sir.
  • Dixit Sir.
  • Mohit Goel Sir.

Which a level is the easiest?

The 12 easiest A-Level subjects are Classical Civilisation, Environmental Science, Food Studies, Drama, Geography, Textiles, Film Studies, Sociology, Information Technology (IT), Health and Social Care, Media Studies, and Law.

How hard is a level psychology?

A-Level Psychology exams are fairly easy, and not many students struggle with them. The exam technique is similar to other A-Levels, and many GCSEs too. As long as you can write reasonably well and you know your stuff, A-Level Psychology exams won’t pose much of an issue to you.

What percentage of A level students get 3 A’s?

The data shows that: 28.9% of all students got 3 A grades or better at A level (including students whose ethnicity was not known)

Is SnapRevise free?

On today’s menu, we’re offering a side-by-side review of SnapRevise, a free app for A Level and GCSE revision, and our pride and joy, the StudySmarter App.

Is Pearson revise free?

The Pearson Revise web app is free for you to use to support your independent GCSE learning. You can track your progress whilst testing your knowledge with quick quizzes. Free to use with your GCSE topics in one place.

What does being revised mean?

transitive verb. 1a : to look over again in order to correct or improve revise a manuscript. b British : to study again : review. 2a : to make a new, amended, improved, or up-to-date version of revise a dictionary.

What does OCR stand for in education?

OCR stands for Oxford, Cambridge and RSA. The exam board and awarding body was founded in 1998 and are a part of the Cambridge Assessment Group. The Cambridge Assessment Group was established in 1858 and owns and manages the University’s three exam boards.

What does GCE AS stand for?

GCE in British English abbreviation for. General Certificate of Education: a public examination in specified subjects taken in English and Welsh schools at the ages of 17 and 18. The GCSE has replaced the former GCE O-level for 16-year-olds. See also AS level, S level.

What is IG in school?

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is an English language based examination similar to GCSE and is recognised in the United Kingdom as being equivalent to the GCSE for the purposes of recognising prior attainment. It was developed by University of Cambridge International Examinations.

Is save my exams an app?

Run Save My Exams in distraction-free window, manage multiple Save My Exams accounts easily and more with the unofficial Save My Exams desktop app for Mac and PC on WebCatalog.

Is A2 harder than as?

A2 Levels are generally harder than AS Levels. They build on the knowledge you learn taking your AS papers. Many A2 Level papers also test on the content covered in the AS papers. For example, business studies A2 exams require you to recall knowledge from AS business studies.

Are as levels still a thing?

AS-levels will still exist, and you can continue to take a separate AS-level qualification at the end of Year 12 before dropping the subject or going on to take the full A-level in Year 13; but unlike before, your AS results won’t count towards your A-level grade.

Can you do A2 without as?

No. Universities give conditional offers based on a minimum of 3 A2 grades, often with further AS requirements (unless you’re applying to ones that give points-based offers…). You’ll only get an A*Aaa offer if you apply to a top university and already have an A2 grade.

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