Where can I find answers to Apex?

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What is the apex in physics?

By “height” we mean the altitude or vertical position y above the starting point. The highest point in any trajectory, called the apex, is reached when vy = 0.

Does Apex have physics?

Topics include the nature of science, math for physics, energy, kinematics, force and motion, momentum, gravitation, chemistry for physics, thermodynamics, electricity, magnetism, waves, nuclear physics, quantum physics, and cosmology.

What is science Apex Learning?

Science Foundations provides students with opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills, and strategies necessary for success in rigorous high school science courses. The course is appropriate for use as remediation at the high school level or as a bridge to high school.

Can you retake tests on Apex?

o Tests can only be reset by the course teacher. o You cannot retake a test until your teacher has confirmed that it has been reset. This may take up to 24 hours. o Retest must be taken on a different day.

How do you get through Apex fast?

  1. Complete the APEX orientation course (see below).
  2. Familiarize yourself with the APEX expectations and procedures.
  3. Commit to Learning.
  4. Set specific goals based on your desired outcomes.
  5. Be conscientious about completing assignments.
  6. Plan regular meetings with you Teacher or Coach.

How do you find t up in physics?

You can use the standard equation for an accelerating object to find the time up (tup). Remember that tup = tdown.. To find the total time (ttotal) simply double the tup. For example: A shell is fired at 90 m/s at an angle of 30°.

How do you calculate apex time?

t = 2 * Vy / g = 2 * V * sin(α) / g .

How do you calculate launch speed?

The launch speed is just the distance divided by the time.

What is Brainly physics?

Physics is a branch of science that deals with matter and energy and their interactions in the fields of mechanics, acoustics, optics, heat, electricity, magnetism, radiation, atomic structure, and nuclear phenomena.

What was alchemy apex?

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What is Apex in geography?

: the uppermost point : vertex. the apex of a mountain.

What is learned in physical science?

Typically, physical sciences bring together math, chemistry, geology, physics, astronomy, geography, and other sciences that focus on the physical properties of earth and the universe to learn about the makeup of soil, rocks, chemical compounds, gravity, and other laws of physics.

What do scientists do?

A scientist is someone who systematically gathers and uses research and evidence, to make hypotheses and test them, to gain and share understanding and knowledge.

Does Apex Learning detect cheating?

In order to maintain academic integrity, Apex Learning Virtual School requires that all work be entirely the result of one’s own effort. Plagiarism, cheating, or other forms of academic dishonesty will not be tolerated and teachers will not accept work that is copied or plagiarized.

What can Apex Learning teachers see?

From the Summary view, you can see courses averages, access Course Activity Scores reports, apply course settings, and enter notes and final grades. Each course unit is represented as a Unit page in the Grade Book.

How long does it take to finish apex course?

How long does each course last? A semester lasts up to 18 weeks. During the summer term (May – July), the standard semester course duration is 9 weeks, but can be extended if needed.

Is Apex Learning self paced?

Students learn at their own pace and receive teacher support and guidance when and where they need it. Like a virtual school program, blended learning may be used in a variety of programs to meet the diverse needs of schools and districts and to support academic success for all students.

How easy is Apex Learning?

Learning Apex will not be easy but you can do it. Persevere! It is a journey that will make you smarter and more desirable on the job market. The use of the above 4 resources combined with the 2 tools and 3 attitudes will bring triumph to your clutch.

What are the 3 formulas for velocity?

The three equations are, v = u + at. v² = u² + 2as. s = ut + ½at²

Can velocity be negative?

Velocity: The velocity of an object is the change in position (displacement) over a time interval. Velocity includes both speed and direction, thus velocity can be either positive or negative while speed can only be positive.

What are the 4 equations of motion?

The equations are as follows: v=u+at,s=(u+v2)t,v2=u2+2as,s=ut+12at2,s=vt−12at2.

What is the formula of horizontal velocity?

Divide Displacement by Time Divide the horizontal displacement by time to find the horizontal velocity. In the example, Vx = 4 meters per second.

How do you find final velocity?

Final Velocity Formula vf=vi+aΔt. For a given initial velocity of an object, you can multiply the acceleration due to a force by the time the force is applied and add it to the initial velocity to get the final velocity.

How is apex height calculated?

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