Which book is best for ICSE?

There are several good books used by the ICSE board. Popular ones are – Concise Series by Selina Publications, S. Chand’s ICSE books, Understanding ICSE Mathematics Series by M.L. Aggarwal, Together With Series by Rachna Sagar Publications, and APC Mathematics by RD Sharma.

Can I download ICSE books for free?

Yes, you can easily download the ICSE books for free for your board exam preparation.

Which textbooks are used in ICSE board?

  • Concise Series by Selina Publications.
  • Candid ICSE Books.
  • S. Chand Publications.
  • Understanding ICSE Mathematics Series by M.L. Aggarwal.
  • Together With Series by Rachna Sagar Publications.
  • APC Mathematics.
  • RD Sharma.

How do I download ICSE textbooks as PDF?

You can download the entire book or each chapter in PDF. Scroll down to the subject you are looking for and click on the link to download the ICSE textbooks. Biology – Selina is written strictly in accordance with the latest syllabus prescribed by The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE).

Is ICSE better than CBSE?

ICSE Board has better acceptability than any other board, particularly in foreign lands. While CBSE Boards are also widely accepted, students with an ICSE certification get the upper hand in foreign schools and universities.

Which is the best publication for ICSE Class 10?

  • #1. Oswal – Gurukul 10 Years Solved Papers for ICSE Class 10 Exam 2023 – Comprehensive Handbook of 17 Subjects – Yearwise Board Solutions, Revised Syllabus.
  • #2. Shakespeare’s The Merchant Of Venice (Text With Paraphrase)
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Is ICSE harder than CBSE?

ICSE vs CBSE: Difficulty Level ICSE Syllabus is considered to be more difficult than CBSE. Why? Because the ICSE syllabus has more internal assessments and concepts that can be applied to practical exams.

Can ICSE students give NEET?

Can ICSE/ISC Board students crack the IIT JEE or NEET exam? Yes, many ICSE and ISC students in the past have cleared JEE/ NEET with good ranks. If they can, you can. Don’t worry about your board exams during JEE or NEET preparation.

Are ICSE books better than NCERT?

The syllabus and the text matters of the NCERT books are framed as per the competitive exams pattern. May it be engineering or Medical entrance exams, their syllabus is NCERT based. Thus, CBSE (NCERT) books are preferred over ICSE books.

Which board is best for IAS?

It is highly recommended to opt for either CBSE board or ICSE board, Preferably CBSE board,because it’s syllabus consists of NCERT text books, which is highly beneficial for IAS/IPS exams conducted by the Union Public Service Commission.

Which board is the toughest board in India?

An offshoot of the Cambridge IGCSE that existed during the British regime was taken over by the Anglo Indian Board and is now governed by the ‘Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations’. ICSE has taken in a lot of structures from the NCERT. At Grade 10, it is as of now is the toughest board examination.

How can I score good marks in ICSE?

  1. Know the syllabus – You should know the complete syllabus of ICSE Class 10 exam thoroughly.
  2. Refer good books – When I say good books I mean less number of textbooks but quality books.
  3. Practice – You should practice and revise regularly.

Is there any app for ICSE books?

App Description ICSE ISC Books & Solutions app contains OFFLINE study material like Solved Paper, Books Solutions, Previous Year Paper , Sample Paper, Important Question Answer, syllabus etc. – Add notes or highlight text in the book.

Are ICSE books good for UPSC?

ICSE books are good, but they don’t provide all of the notes and information for the UPSC exam. I will suggest you NCERT books. NCERT books are recommended by all IAS officers, they have detailed notes for each chapter and topic for the UPSC exam.

Where can I download ICSE books for free Quora?

Found this site called Sastabooks which was delivering books to all zones at the best quality and best prices. They have PDF versions of the same too. Opted for that option. Got a discount of 50% on my order since it was in bulk.

Which is the toughest board in world?

  • Gaokao.
  • IIT JEE (Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Examination)
  • UPSC (Union Public Service Commission)
  • Mensa.
  • GRE (Graduate Record Examinations)
  • CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Exam.
  • All Souls Prize Fellowship Exam.
  • Master Sommelier Diploma Exam.

Which board is easiest in India?

Question: Which board is the easiest in India? Answer: The syllabus of the CBSE Board is considered as quite comprehensive and easy to understand.

Is ICSE good for IIT?

Just getting admitted to a CBSE or ICSE board won’t guarantee you a seat in an IIT. For a JEE aspirant, it also depends on the mentality of the student. A student can be capable of handling the extra subjects in ICSE with ease, may enjoy reading literature books and feel better preparing for any examination.

Which is the best question bank for ICSE Class 10?

Hey, Oswaal Books Question bank are the best. You get everything you need in that book. Previous year questions, toppers answers, sample papers and the solutions given are easy to understand. They also give answers as per marking scheme so that you get a clear idea on how to write answers for boards.

Does ICSE board use NCERT books?

Such is the case of NCERT books and ICSE Board or syllabus. There is common myth that students seem to strongly believe that BSE Board exams are way easier than ICSE Board exams and thus, the NCERT books are solely for CBSE Board students. Students of ICSE board do not have any use of those.

What is the full form of ICSE board?

The ICSE full form is the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education.

Which book is best for ICSE Class 10 semester 2?

Oswaal ICSE Chapter-wise & Topic-wise Question Bank For Semester 2, Class 10, Mathematics Book.

Which history book is best for class 10 ICSE?

You can refer to the APC publications book or Morning star history books for the class 10 ICSE exam. In addition to these books, Oswaal’s book is also well-suited for History.

Which is better physical education or computer applications for ICSE 9th?

Depends upon your interest. As a student who has just finished 10th ICSE 2022, In my opinion computer science is better.

Which book is best for ICSE Class 10 geography?

Rachna Sagar Together with Geography ICSE for Class 10 (2021)

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