Which is better HC Verma or Pradeep?

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If you’re preparing for competitive exams and you want in depth knowledge about a topic, HC Verma is the book for you. And if you want to mug up for your school exams, go for Pradeep. Although, there are various errors in the book.

Is Pradeep good for JEE physics?

Originally Answered: Is this a good idea to study from books called Pradeep’s(Chemistry,Physics) for preparation for IIT JEE MAINS(Those who have cleared JEE pls answer)? No, if u r talking about jee main, i will not suggest u pradip….. These books are not suffecient for preparations for jee. For boards it is ok.

Is Pradeep fundamental physics good for NEET?

Yes, Pradeep is good.

Is physics wallah DPP enough for JEE?

Yes, JEE Mains can be cracked by Physics Wallah provided you are comfortable with his teaching style.

Which is best Pradeep or SL Arora?

Both Pradeep and S.L. Arora are very good books and have very detailed version of all the subjects. However, if you’re looking for basics then S.L. has a more easy and better version of almost all the topics. You should go for it!

Which book is sufficient for NEET physics?

The best books for NEET Physics for MCQs are: Objective Physics for NEET Vol 1 and 2 2022 – DC Pandey. Objective Physics Chapter-Wise MCQS for NTA JEE Main/ Bitsat/ NEET/ AIIMS – Disha Experts. Objective Physics for NEET – Vol.

How can I score 180 in physics NEET without coaching?

  1. Read NCERT with proper understanding.
  2. Make short notes which you will use during your final revision.
  3. Practice GOOD QUALITY questions.
  4. Give as many mock tests as possible to improve your ACCURACY, TIME MANAGEMENT.

Is Pradeep good for Physics?

Yes , pradeep is a good book for physics .. in class 12th.

Is Pradeep publication good for JEE?

5.0 out of 5 stars Good book for Jee Main and Advance. I got this book for my son who is in standard 11. Very concise book deals theory in simple language with many standard problems & solutions. Understanding is more important for any examination and this book helps in giving clear and concise picture of the subject.

Who is Alakh Pandey wife?

Alakh Pandey’s Marital status is Married. His Wife’s name is Shivani Dubey.

Which is better Aakash or Physics Wallah?

Answer. Dear aspirant, Both these coaching institutes are trusted for the neet preparation but I would suggest that if you opting for offline coaching then kindly go for akash institute or if possible then go to Kota for the coaching. However it doesn’t matter from wherever you do.

How many students crack IIT wallah Physics?

​PW (PhysicsWallah), India’s most affordable and accessible ed-tech platform announced that over 1600 of its students scored 99 percentile and have been declared eligible for the JEE Advanced examination.

Which is better Pradeep or Dinesh for physics?

Pradeep is better if you want wast knowledge but if you prefer to do numerical for what physics is mostly known with a compact theoretical knowledge. Then, HCV is best. It also helps in ur future preparations of iit-jee/neet etc. Like competitive exams.

Is cengage Physics enough for JEE?

3 Answers. Yes, it is good for JEE preparation to clear IIT JEE but for Main you should go for H C Verma or DC Pandey. Cengage covers many solved examples for your practice.

Is Pradeep Physics good for Class 12 boards?

It contains NCERT-based objective questions (Conceptual, very short, short, and long ) with answers. The book will prove to be the best bet for students for their Board as well as competition examinations. Pradeep’s Fundamental Physics for Class XII is one of the jewels of the crown.

Can I score 600 in NEET by studying only NCERT?

No. Proper planning and giving time to NCERT books will help you score well in the NEET entrance exam.

Which book is best for NEET by toppers?

Expert and toppers suggest the following NEET biology books for beginners: NCERT Biology Class 11 textbook. NCERT Biology Class 12 textbook. MTG Objective NCERT at your Fingertips.

Is Physics removed from NEET 2022?

Hence, it is highly unlikely that Physics would be entirely scrapped. Students shall get more clarity on these two pressing issues once NTA releases the NEET 2022 information brochure.

Can I get 100 in physics NEET?

In order to score 100 you need to solve 25 questions correctly. So pay more attention to topics covering more questions in exam. Modern physics, semiconductors ,optics, electrostats, magnetism, thermodynamics and some chapters of mechanics as per your convenience or interest.

Will NEET 2022 be tough?

Difficulty level of NEET can’t be predicted in advance as it varies every year. It’s a common myth among medical aspirants that NEET exam gets tougher every year. NEET 2023 can be tough or easier than 2022 and previous years. As a NEET aspirant, it’s not good to worry about these things during the preparation.

Is PW enough for NEET?

Answer. Hello, Physicswallah is a good channel for physics and chemistry for neet.

Is only HC Verma enough for JEE mains?

YES !!! HC Verma is enough if you are focusing only on JEE Main. Some people suggest multiple books but it is more useful to solve all the problems of one book instead of solving a few problems from more books as you will go through all types of problems and concepts.

Is GRB physics is enough for NEET?

Dear Aspirant, It is a good book for the preparation of the NEET exam and have a good collection of the questions. Hope this helps.

Which is better Pradeep or modern ABC for chemistry?

Goodreads rates Modern ABC Chemistry at 4.06 whereas Modern ABC scores 3.8 based on student reviews. Generally goodreads is a good measure of what students say on the book.

Which book is enough for JEE Advanced?

Best Books – Candidates should complete their NCERT books first for JEE Advanced. After completing NCERT books, candidates should refer to other books that have been mentioned above. Revision – Candidates should also keep extra time for revision in their time table.

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