Who is the best teacher of physics in Bihar?

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Himanshu Singh Singh Vision Classes, Patna. He is considered the best teacher of Physics.

What is the fee of mentors eduserv Patna?

Q. What is the fee of mentors Eduserv? The fee is about 1lac 20 thousand rupees for a two-year classroom courses Program.

Who is the best teacher of Patna?

  1. Shubham Raj. teacher. 800008 Patna.
  2. Sri Ram Tutorials. teacher. 800008 Patna.
  3. Cf Patna. teacher. 800008 Patna.
  4. Aditya Tally Point. teacher. 800008 Patna.
  5. Aashirvaad Tuition Bureau. teacher. 800008 Patna.
  6. Margdarshan. teacher. 800008 Patna.
  7. Ravikesh Kumar. teacher. 800008 Patna.
  8. Cmtech Home Tution. teacher.

Who is the No 1 physics teacher in India?

Nitin Vijay sir NV Sir is a Champion of Physics. In his 17+ years as a teacher, he has been vital in guiding over 5500 IITians and World-Class Doctors.

Which teacher is best for physics on Youtube?

  • Khan Academy.
  • Mashup Math.
  • Cbseclass videos.
  • Pebbles CBSE Board Syllabus.
  • Aman Dhattarwal.

Who is the best teacher of Bihar?

RK Srivastava has been the top teacher of the country for more than a decade. These Bihari teachers are also among the top 10 teachers in the country.

What is the fees of PW pathshala?

Pathshala offers Class Room and Test Series courses with fees ranging starting from ₹31500 to ₹61500.

Who is the best teacher of physics in the world?

Albert Einstein. Albert Einstein, a theoretical physicist, author and a teacher was known for his contributions to the field of general and special relativity.

Who is Alakh Pandey?

Alakh Pandey is an Indian YouTuber who provides all the study material related to the Science stream. He is the most popular Youtuber and educator among the students. He got popular because of his tremendous teaching skills. He is also a motivational speaker as he uploads videos of motivation for the aspirants.

Who is Mr Sir physics wallah?

Manish Raj was born and brought in Kota, Rajasthan. and his age is 31 years as in 2022 and his DOB 27 September,1991. He did his doctor in Philosphy (PhD) in physics.

Is physics wallah good for NEET?

You can definitely use it.

Is PW good for JEE?

Yes, JEE Mains can be cracked by Physics Wallah provided you are comfortable with his teaching style.

Who is the best physics teacher for NEET?

Pawan Kumar Verma from IIT Roorkee is the best teacher for NEET Physics having with the experience of teaching 18 years of teaching NEET students. Over 100 Students taught by him have scored above 160 marks in NEET Physics.

Who is the best teacher on YouTube in India?

  • Khan GS Research Center. Khan GS Research Centre is founded by Faizal Kahan popularly known as Khan Sir.
  • Infobells – Hindi.
  • Abhi and Niyu.
  • Physics Wallah – Alakh Pandey.
  • Dear Sir.
  • Let’s Learn.
  • Drishti IAS.
  • Utkarsh Classes Jodhpur.

Who is the best teacher in India in 2022?

  • Yudhveer, Virender Kumar and Amit Kumar (Himachal Pradesh)
  • Harpreet Singh, Arun Kumar Garg and Vandana Shahi (Punjab)
  • Shashikant Sambhajirao Kulthe, Somnath Waman Walke and Kavita Sanghvi (Maharashtra)
  • Kandala Ramaiah, TN Sridhar and Sunitha Rao (Telangana)

Is Allen better than Aakash?

Aakash also have recorded lectures, so if you miss any lecture, you can watch it but this facility is not available at Allen Aakash has centers all over India whereas Allen only got 3 main centers. Also, if you don’t know, the results given by Aakash is much more better than Allen.

Can I join Allen after 12th?

You can definitely join the Allen coaching institute for preparation of Jee mains and advanced after 12th. Coaching institute had repeaters batch for 12th Pass students. Allen has many batches for 12 th pass students to prepare jee main and advanced. Allen Institute of kota is most famous for entrance exam preparation.

Are phones allowed in Kota?

Yes, they are allowed.

Which is better physics wallah or Aakash?

Answer. Dear aspirant, Both these coaching institutes are trusted for the neet preparation but I would suggest that if you opting for offline coaching then kindly go for akash institute or if possible then go to Kota for the coaching. However it doesn’t matter from wherever you do.

Why is physics wallah so cheap?

Why is the physics wallah batch so cheap in price? He has motto of providing good education at affordable price so that everyone gets a chance of appearing for exams with full preparation which they were unable to get before due to high fees of coachings.

Is physics wallah free of cost?

Physics Wala Alakh Pandey App is a free education app for IIT JEE and NEET preparation. Students can download Physics Wallah APK from the official website www.

Which is best goal or Aakash?

ANSWER (1) Goal is the best and more result oriented. Goal is the best and more result oriented.

Is Aakash free of cost?

Aakash Digital gives you access to the best of Aakash faculty at No Cost and makes it easier for you to quickly cover the syllabus, revise it and check your progress regularly with online chapter assignments. Thus helping you prepare effectively for school, board and competitive exams.

Is Aakash good for NEET?

Yes, Aakash is one of the best coaching institutes for preparing for NEET UG.

Why is Khan sir so famous?

Well, Khan Sir is famous for coaching students preparing for various competitive examinations using YouTube and other digital media to reach out to students. According to The Print, he also runs a popular coaching centre in Patna ‘Khan GS Research Centre’ and is well known for his unique brand of teaching.

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